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LHHA: Stevie J & Joseline the new Bobby and Whitney? The cast sound off.

Are they the new Bobby and Whitney?
Are they the new Bobby and Whitney?

Viewers heard months ago that the reunion show fight was epic. The Reunion Part II did live up to the hype with security earning their paycheck trying to protect the audience and the cast from the wrath of Joseline Hernandez.

There was a feud brewing in the world of Twitter and Instagram between the couples Benzino and Althea versus Stevie J and Joseline. Right before the taping, Stevie J posted a picture of Althea who appears to be performing fellatio and then Benzino tweeted comments about Stevie J’s marriage being fake.

The couples were geeked up and ready for a war of words, but it quickly escalated to a physical altercation when Benzino accused Stevie J of being a coke addict. Stevie leaped off the couch and lunged for Benzino. Joseline, being the ride-or-die chick that she is, she jumped up with Stevie and proceeded to swing at Althea who was still sitting calmly on the couch. That wasn’t enough for Joseline. She charged Tammy and snatched off her weaved ponytail and later she fought Mimi in the stairwell.

So what caused Joseline to flip out so quickly? What do you think caused Joseline and Stevie to snap?

Here’s what the cast had to say about it.

• Erica claims Joseline is insecure

• Benzino has accused Joseline of being on drugs

• Yung Joc believes she’s addicted to the bigger drug called “fame” and Momma Dee believes a monster has been created

• Deb said Joseline wasn’t herself and her eyes switched to eyes of an enraged animal. Joseline scanned the room shouting, “Who else wanna get some?” Deb also said if Joseline is indeed on drugs it is just her medication to ease the pain from her past.

• Dawn, her previous booking agent/manager, co-signed with Benzino’s allegations that Joseline is on drugs. She claimed in the beginning Joseline only smoked (weed, perhaps?) and once she hooked up with Stevie J she was sampling something much stronger. “She has a lot of insecurities and a lot of mental issues that need to be addressed.” She also added that Joseline is very territorial and didn’t want to share her friends.

• Ariane thinks Joseline needs a hug and some guidance. Her connection with Stevie J is fire and fire.

• Yung Joc also says those two are a harmonious tragic love story…Bobby and Whitney…a beautiful disaster.

Rumors are also circulating that some of the cast members want Joseline kicked off the show for her violent behavior. Do you agree?

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