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LHHA: Stevie J confronts Mimi & Nikko over the leaked sex tape

Stevie blames Nikko for the leaked sex tape
Stevie blames Nikko for the leaked sex tape

It’s hard to have sympathy for Mimi regarding her leaked sex tape when by all appearances it seems Mimi and Nikko were the culprits in this elaborate scheme. She mustered up some more tears sitting in Steven Hirsch’s office, an Adult Entertainment Executive, thinking about how this sex tape is going to affect her daughter’s life. Despite the water works, Mimi and Nikko signed on the dotted line and sealed a deal to release the tape.

Mimi gives her girls Erica and Arianne a heads up that she inked a deal (reportedly for $200,000 plus additional profits for the life of the tape). Both gave her the side eye and called her a porn star. Arianne detests Nikko and believes he intentionally leaked the tape.

Stevie J threatens to hire a lawyer to get custody of their daughter by proving Mimi is unfit. “I’m just trying to see if you’re making all the right decisions. [To see] if my daughter needs to be around you making irrational decisions.”

Stevie is sure Nikko is responsible for it all and catches him outside of the gym. Ugly words are exchanged.

Stevie J: You leaking pics of my baby mama?

Nikko: You’re being a hypocrite now. Ain’t you the same one talking about you and Joseline got a sex tape? You couldn’t get your sex tape picked up. We got ours picked up and now you mad?

Stevie J: You sold your soul for a couple hundred grand I heard.

A few more sarcastic remarks exchanged and security guards separated the two. Security didn’t have to work up too much of a sweat from the looks of things. Neither one of them was putting up much of an effort to put the paws on the other.

Highlights from the show:

Karlie convinces Young Joc to shack up so she can keep tabs on him and monitor his comings and goings.

Kirk buys a home DNA kit from the drugstore to see if his son is really his because in Kirk’s mind being dark-skinned and his son being much lighter is clearly reason enough to check the blood relations.

Scrappy tells Momma Dee he’s a grown man and she needs to mind her business or there will be a Civil War between them.

Erica meets up with Scrappy and lets him know she’s falling in love with a new guy. Scrappy looks crushed by the news and avoids the discussion about the text messages he left her stating “he’s waiting for her.”

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