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LHHA: Momma Dee’s ‘shake up in the palace’; Joseline & Tammy have it out

Is Momma Dee losing control of her palace?
Is Momma Dee losing control of her palace?,

Benzino brings Stevie J, Dawn and Mimi together to discuss the alleged marriage between Stevie J and Joseline. Stevie is just like the state of Florida and stands his ground on his marriage being legit. Mimi and Dawn demand a retraction in Benzino’s Hip Hop Weekly Magazine. Ultimately Benzino decides to leave the story the way it is. Mimi is convinced Stevie J isn’t married when he can’t recall if he got married on June 29th or July 29th.

One benefit of Dawn and Mimi conspiring to expose Stevie J is Dawn might become Mimi’s brand manager to gain fifteen more minutes of fame from the sex tape.

Waka Flocka advised his fiancée Tammy not to get caught up in any drama with her new buddies. Tammy was feeling some type of way when she went to Joseline’s mansion to style her and Tammy criticized Joseline’s wardrobe selection. Joseline responds with something along the lines of helping Tammy get a rock on her finger instead of just a tattoo on it.

Joseline confronts Tammy when she finds out Tammy told Mimi about her Hip Hop Weekly magazine photo shoot. Joseline probably thought she had a simple, shy chick on her hands, but Tammy handled her business. Joseline looked shocked, but walked off saying Tammy needs to get with the winning team and quit straddling the fence between a friendship with her and Mimi.

Tammy calls Joseline a prostitute and a stripper. “Humble yourself, baby. Be real with yourself. Be real with others. You’re not that b****.” She calls out Joseline’s rented Mercedes cheap when Joseline drives away.

Momma Dee may not be completely on Bambi’s side, but she had to let Erica Pinkett know she was wrong for approaching Bambi about her miscarriage at Scrappy’s 30th birthday. Revealing Bambi’s private tragedy in public caused a major altercation in the club. Bambi punched Erica P. in the face and the bodyguard’s separated them before Erica could retaliate.

Erica P. spilled all the beans to Momma Dee about Bambi's character to get in her good graces and land a spot on the throne next to Prince Scrappy. Momma Dee arranges a sit-down meeting with the three of them to hash things out. They were barely five minutes in before Erica throws food at Bambi and come out swinging. Erica seemed determined to get her revenge from the sucker punch Bambi served her the last time.

Momma Dee follows Bambi to the restroom to calm her down. Bambi has had enough of Momma Dee running interference on behalf of her son. “I feel like both of y’all [Scrappy and Momma Dee] are bringing unnecessary drama into my life. I don’t do this.” Bambi comes to the realization that Momma Dee is a problem starter who thrives on drama and clearly doesn’t have a life of her own, which is why she is overly involved in Scrappy’s love life. Momma Dee plans an ancient beheading ceremony for Bambi in her mind just in time to make room for a new princess. Will Erica P. be the next chosen one?

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