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LHHA: Mimi plays the victim, Benzino gets shot and Stevie J lies as usual

Stevie J tells Benzino he didn't smash Althea
Stevie J tells Benzino he didn't smash Althea

Karlie gets an earful catching up with Erica at the nail shop when Erica spills the beans about her break up with O’Shea’s financially unstable self and Althea and Stevie J hooking up in the past…maybe still hooking up, but they are sure Joseline doesn’t know.

Karlie takes it upon herself to break the news to Joseline because that’s what good girlfriend’s should do. Yeah sure, Karlie. Karlie meets up with Joseline to work out at the gym where Joseline confides in Karlie that she found pictures of various women’s body parts on Stevie J’s phone. She made the decision to stay with him, although disrespectful, because she has a business to run with him.

When Joseline let’s Karlie know Benzino’s mom passed and Stevie J went out to Boston to support Benzino, Karlie asked if Althea went up there with Stevie or left with Benzino. Joseline’s head cocked to the side like a confused puppy.

“Why would she go with Stevie?” Joseline asked. Karlie’s head hung low as if it devastated her to inform Joseline of Stevie’s sexcapade with Althea. She also had no problems stating that Mimi was the original source of this information.

Joseline didn’t know if Mimi was just spreading rumors to stir up some drama in her household or not. Joseline is convinced Mimi still wants Stevie J and she knows Mimi still doesn’t believe she and Stevie J are really married. Joseline decides to put on her detective hat and investigate it further.

Speaking of Mimi, she and Nikko review the trailer to their sex tape. He already watched it five times and loved every minute of it. However, Mimi appears to still be struggling with the idea of the tape going public. She is upset after watching it and Nikko is smiling like a kid on Christmas.

“Nikko may never understand how I feel because…he doesn’t have a child. This whole thing is a lot harder for me because I have a little girl who could seriously be affected by my actions,” Mimi says. Nikko consoles her while she sheds a few tears.

The local Boston news releases footage of a crime scene which involves Benzino getting shot by his relative in his own mama’s funeral procession. The news spreads to social media where Karlie, Rasheeda and Kalenna read about it. Karlie is shook up by the news but is comforted knowing it wasn’t life threatening.

Althea is right by Benzino’s side at the hospital. His arm is bandaged from the gun wound, tubes in his nose and constant beeping of a heart monitor in the distance. He explains how a car pulled up beside him and shots flew through his passenger side striking his arm and back. He got out of the car once he felt dizzy and he walked up to the hearse and touched his mother’s casket leaving a trail of blood behind before he was escorted to the hospital.

Benzino was emotional reliving the story and began professing his undying love for Althea. “I connected with you. I never connected with anybody like that… [I] was being jealous. I love you. One thing I do know is we’re together and that’s all that matters to me. You’re my best friend and we’re gonna keep it moving.”

Stevie J walks in to check on Benzino. Benzino let’s Stevie know he is aware of he and Althea’s past indiscretion and he is over it. Stevie J doesn’t admit to anything and glossed over the topic and the three of them hug it out.

Stevie meets up with Joseline during her stripper pole rehearsal to squash any rumors she heard about him and Althea. Joseline indeed investigate the situation and heard “from the streets” that Stevie J did hook up with Althea. Joseline threatens to leave Stevie J and makes a promise to beat Althea up when she sees her. Althea better hide out for awhile or hire a bodyguard.

Honorable mentions from the episode:

• Rasheeda’s mom squashes her beef with Kirk and convinces him to throw an “I’m Sorry” party for Rasheeda.

• Tammy and Deb have a discussion and agree to a smaller more intimate wedding ceremony for Tammy and Waka Flocka since his brother passed away.

• Yung Joc and Kirk give Scrappy advice to help him get Bambi back

• Scrappy gives Bambi a puppy. The puppy trick seems to work

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