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LHHA: Mimi on Hip Hop Weekly cover. Friends confront her about sex tape

Mimi lands the cover; social media hot topic
Mimi lands the cover; social media hot topic

Mimi dealt with the backlash of the release of her porn tape. She and Nikko sat and enjoyed the various comments on all of the social media outlets. Mimi brushed off Joseline’s comment on Twitter that she was a boring forty five year old screwing on camera. Mimi laughs saying Joseline has had more miles on her vagina than eight Mimi’s. At least Mimi is getting paid to take her clothes off, she mentions, while Joseline is naked on the internet for free.

Mimi is the hot topic of the summer and she is basking in the spotlight. She recovered nicely from the negative remarks being flung in her direction. She is really feeling herself when Benzino asks to put her on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly. Mimi demands ten thousand dollars. He refuses to pay her and says he’s putting her on the cover with or without her consent. She threatens to sue him if he does and walks out with her newly hired puppet Dawn in tow. Stevie J knows having Mimi on the cover would be profitable, but it being his baby mama and him being on the outs with Joseline, he doesn’t agree with Benzino’s suggestion.

Erica let’s Mimi know point blank she’s hurt, disgusted and disappointed with the tape. “Just remember what you do affects everybody…your family, your friends not just you.” Erica says her decision was selfish. When Erica goes in on her some more Mimi informs Erica that her father had a stroke and she doesn’t have time to receive more tongue lashings. She bursts into tears saying she has to head to New York because he may not make it through the night.

Mimi returns and has a sit down with Ariane, Erica and Rasheeda to clear the air and be done with the sex tape scandal once and for all. None of them believe it’s a home video. Mimi tries to convince them that once Vivid Entertainment got a hold of it they were the ones who added the bells and whistles. “I did something that I can’t take back and I gotta live with that...and I’m okay with that.”

Ariane feels like she doesn’t know Mimi anymore and has a tough time believing Mimi didn’t leak the video herself. After the back and forth battle with the girls -with Ariane especially -Mimi gives them the update on her dad’s condition. His leg was amputated and he’s unable to speak.

Kalenna tells Rasheeda she is pregnant. She has fears about juggling a music career and a newborn. She’s nervous about telling her husband Tony, but is forced to once she finds out their home/music studio has mold and could affect her pregnancy. He is very supportive and decides to move them out of the mold infested home.

Joseline avoids Stevie J but he catches up with her at the gym. Stevie J pulls a Bill Clinton and says “he did not have sexual relations with-”Althea. Joseline threatens to put him six feet under if he gives her an STD.

Adding fuel to the fire, Joseline goes off on Stevie J when she sees Mimi on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly and she is the centerfold for the same magazine. Stevie J tries unsuccessfully to explain he had nothing to do with it, but Joseline didn’t believe him and rips the magazine into pieces.

Did Mimi leak the tape? Should her friends mind their business? Will Joseline take Stevie J back?

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