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LHHA: Kirk's DNA confession, Erica's broke boyfriend & Nikko gets busted

Who breaks up and who makes up?
Who breaks up and who makes up? (l), (r), (bottom)

There were make ups, break ups and a whole lotta damge control in this episode so check out the relationship summary for each couple below.

Karlie Red and Benzino

Karlie posts a side-by-side picture of Benzino’s and Yung Joc’s penis to embarrass Benzino for his “shortcomings” all due to the fall out at his club opening when Althea claimed Karlie “missed the D”. Benzino swears his beefcake was unfavorably photo shopped when he tells Stevie J what happened. Stevie laughs it off and says to the camera, “Hey Z, do you measure up bro?”

Stevie J and Joseline

Stevie J turns on the charm to get back in Joseline’s good graces after she discovered nude pictures on his phone. Champagne, a bubble bath, cheap flowers and sweet conversation seems to do the trick. Joseline shows signs of frustration about her career and demands Stevie J get her back in the studio to work on some new music. She gets excited when he claims he has a song that caters to her Puerto Rican roots. She promises to give him a surprise (possibly a threesome) if he gets her career back on track.

Erica and O’Shea

Erica and Scrappy have a sit-down confession where he tells her about Bambi’s miscarriage and she tells him how she’s been carrying the financial load in her new relationship with O’Shea. The way these two smile and giggle there may be an opportunity for them to get back together.

O’Shea packs his stuff and leaves when Erica confesses that she had a meeting with Scrappy. Unfortunately for his broke behind she’s the first person he calls when he runs out of gas on the side of the road. “His a** can’t even make a dramatic exit without my help.” Erica states. She accepts blame for spoiling O’Shea, but the constant giving and not receiving was wearing thin. She felt he used her by not getting on his hustle. This fool had the nerve to try and snatch her credit card out of her hand. The relationship ends on the street and O’Shea makes a phone call to see what other sucker will come and help him.

Mimi and Nikko

Mimi questions Nikko’s over enthusiastic behavior when he broadcasted the news about their soon-to-be released sex tape at their anniversary party. Besides that, she asked him if he’s dipped back into the Althea pond since he also announced she recently contacted him. He claimed Althea is old news and demands she squashes it. At a later date, Mimi corners Nikko when she finds lipstick on one of his shirts. He says it had to come from the ladies at the strip club when he and his boys were hanging out. She questions his loyalty and asks him to leave the house to give her space.

Rasheeda and Kirk

Rasheeda takes a break from Kirk and goes to New Orleans with her girls Kaleena and Karlie to get turnt up. Things were going great until she receives a phone call from her mom letting her know Kirk performed a DNA test on their newborn. He stupidly slipped up and told his mother-in-law about it.

Rasheeda declined all of his phone calls which prompted Kirk to pop up on the scene in New Orleans. Kirk apologizes profusely and begged to work on their marriage. “I want my friend. I want my wife...everybody makes a mistake.” Kirk pleads with Rasheeda to reconciliate and says he loves her. He places Rasheeda’s wedding ring back on her finger. “I need time to think about the things that you’ve done and if I can stomach an apology and know that you are real.” Rasheeda wipes away tears and walks away from Kirk with a heavy heart and a major decision to make.

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