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LHHA: Kirk's ‘Apology Party’; everyone reacts to Mimi’s released sex tape

Mimi's sex tape more popular than Kim Kardashian's
Mimi's sex tape more popular than Kim Kardashian's

Kirk threw an apology backyard BBQ party for Rasheeda for being a butthead for the last year. Bobby V sang and Kirk stepped to the mic and not only apologized to Rasheeda but also made amends with Rasheeda’s mother. Kirk presented Rasheeda with a diamond heart necklace and a white drop top Benz with black leather interior. Great apology gifts!

Messy Althea approaches Erica and Karlie and apologized to Erica only for throwing a drink at her at Benzino’s and Stevie J’s grand opening party. The apology was very short-lived as Althea went from zero to sixty on the craze-o-meter to the point Benzino had to drag her off to the car.

“I don’t even know what the whole attitude and all that was about. Maybe her shorts were too tight.” Erica wondered.

“She look[s] like she got about five yeast infections.” Karlie joined in.

Meanwhile, Joseline calls up K. Michelle to come for a visit in New York to escape from Stevie J and his constant drama. Joseline packed her bags and strolled right out of the front door without saying goodbye. He chased her outside and tried to convince her to stay. He cracked jokes, tried to kiss her, say he loves her and then lastly he made a threat like a true pimp by saying “you know I can find you, right?” Joseline ignored all of his tactics and sped off down the road.

K. Michelle hooked Joseline up with a producer in New York to record yet another Puerto Rican princess song. She and K. Michelle watched Mimi’s released sex tape and cracked jokes about her not getting waxed and having long breasts.

Back in Atlanta Ariane and Erica watched the sex tape. Erica got emotional and cried and called Mimi selfish. “This hurts my heart…it’s a little girl who has to deal with this. You couldn’t give me a million dollars to put some sh** out like that. I don’t care. Where’s your f***ing integrity, where are your morals, where are your values? As a f***ing woman…as a mother? Where? Where are they?”

Erica noticed what the rest of the world who’s viewed the tape noticed. For the sex tape to be done at home why does it look so professionally done? Was this tape leaked like so many other celebrities who were looking for notoriety and a payday?

Mimi wanted everyone to see she’s a great mom when the cameras showed an intimate moment with her and daughter Eva. She gave her hug and kisses when she dropped her off to spend time with her daddy Stevie J. Mimi reflected on her sex tape release and the long term effects it would have on her daughter.

“I know that one day I’m gonna have to sit Eva down and explain this to her. Why I made this decision as a mother and as a woman and I don’t know exactly what I’ll say to her. All I know is that I had to take control of a situation that was out of my hands.”

According to reports the sex tape supposedly surpassed Kim Kardashian’s sex tape in popularity. During an interview with DJ Vlad of VladTV, he asked Mimi and Nikko who the cameraman was because he saw moments where the camera moved. Both openly denied a cameraman was present. As Nikko put it, the camera moved because they shook the floor. Anyone buying that story? Maybe not, but plenty are buying the sex tape.

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