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LHHA: Karlie pulls Boss move; Nikko exposed; Snoop Dog gets Stevie J to confess?

Does Stevie J confess?
Does Stevie J confess?

Karlie busted Yung Joc at the club with Khadiyah aka Teletubbie and decides to hit him where it hurts. She buys the track “Heartbreaker” and removes Yung Joc from the track. When he shows up to her video shoot she drops the bombshell. He demands his percentage of the record sells and Karlie scoffs. She replaces him with Young Dro and throws up the deuce. “I’ll leave your career where I found it…in the trap.” Shots fired by Karlie. Rasheeda and Kalenna warn her about burning bridges in an unforgiving industry.

The tabloids and blogs reported that Nikko is married. Mimi confronts him and without blinking an eye he confesses. He admits to her that he had no intention of telling her he was married. His goal was to get divorced but he couldn’t pinpoint a date and time when he would actually go through the divorce proceedings.

“I may be grieving but I’m clear enough to know that this entire year of my life has been a complete lie. And this man has disappointed me for the last time.” Mimi concludes. Oh well, proof is in the pudding.

Mimi must be a glutton for punishment because she tells Ariane and Erica about Nikko’s marital status. She also finally comes clean about shooting additional footage to complete her sex tape, but doesn’t want to believe Nikko leaked the tape. The ladies already knew Nikko was a master manipulator, but their I-told-you-so comments were working Mimi’s nerves.

Mimi reached out to Nikko’s old roommate Johnny (who K. Michelle accused of being Nikko’s gay lover) to get the 4-1-1 on Nikko. According to Johnny, Nikko has been with his wife/business partner for at least ten years and claims Nikko is calculated and manipulated Mimi into participating in the sex tape that was never really leaked. “C’mon, that wasn’t by accident. It’s a set up, man. The fight [has] been fixed, Mimi.” He even says there may be more secret sex recordings out there. Finally the light bulb goes off in Mimi’s brain that Nikko is the enemy. Anyone see a sex tape sequel coming out soon? Does anyone smell this reality set up creating a platform for a second release?

Benzino throws his bachelor party at a strip club and makes Stevie J his best man for the wedding. Benzino is still on his no prenup campaign because he doesn’t want to put a voodoo hex on the upcoming ceremony. He believes they’re going to be married forever and lets the strippers kiss his tattoo replica of his future bride Thi Thi on the side of his body.

Joseline goes off when Stevie shares the news he’s going to be the best man. Stevie J still denies he ever t smashed the homies girl. To get back in her good graces, Stevie takes Joseline to L.A. to meet Snoop Dogg. Stevie J records a track with Snoop Dogg entitled “DNA”. Uncle Snoop advises Stevie J to confess to Joseline that he smashed Althea (in Benzino’s crib of all places) before plunging one hundred percent into the best man role. Stevie J is all prepared to confess to Joseline, but seeing her body in a skimpy bikini dripping wet from the hotel pool, he changes his mind. He was finally out of the dog house, at least for one night, so he decided to save the confession for another night so he could end his sexual drought.

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