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LHHA: Kalenna propositions Karlie, bad news for Benzino & Joseline vs. Althea

Should they hook up or nah?
Should they hook up or nah? (l), (r)

Everyone seems to be giving Althea the side eye these days. She’s been known to make her rounds in the entertainment industry. So it’s no wonder why Joseline feels the need to keep tabs on her. Joseline probably views Althea as competition since Althea has been working hard in the studio lately while Joseline finally got Stevie J to focus on her career long enough to drop one single.

Joseline recently heard that Althea used to hook up with Nikko and some other industry THOTS and hinted around that she knew about her past life.

“I will keep it real with you…I know you’ve dated guys in the industry and had your different situations.” Rasheeda commented on a separate occasion with Althea.

“It’s not as much as everybody thinks though.” Althea refuted. Rasheeda rolled her eyes on that one, but advised her to be open and honest with Benzino about her past if she really loves him before he finds out in the streets.

Althea takes Rasheeda’s advice and confesses to Benzino one romantic evening filled with cheese and crackers, wine and a burning fireplace- that she had hooked up with Stevie J in the past. She figured he knew about it.

“How the f*** did I know about you and Stevie? I didn’t ask. It’s like the army ‘don’t [expletive] ask, don’t tell’…whether I know or didn’t know I didn’t wanna f***ing think about it.” Benzino throws his wine glass in the fireplace in anger. He barely had time to deal with this issue before he had to rush off to Boston when he found out his mother died. When it rains it pours. Benzino openly cries on camera as he discusses his mother's passing.

Newest cast member Kalenna reveals a very interesting twist to her marriage. She tells Karlie while out shopping for a new mattress that she likes women. Karlie is taken aback but also intrigued. Kalenna taps into Karlie’s bi-curiousness and propositions her to spend an evening with her and her husband to fulfill her fantasies.

Apparently Kalenna’s husband Tony doesn’t mind his wife getting busy with her longtime girlfriend Ashley whenever she comes into town. Tony seems geeked up thinking he’s going to have a threesome, but Ashley shuts that down. “It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.” Tony joked, but didn’t find it funny when he was left to wash the dishes while Kalenna took Ashley upstairs for their one-on-one session.

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