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LHHA: Kalenna pregnant? Scrappy and Erica flirt & Yung Joc busted…again

Yung Joc busted with Khadiyah
Yung Joc busted with Khadiyah

Kalenna goes to the doctor to confirm her pregnancy status. She brings her girl Rasheeda along for moral support. While sitting in the waiting area she discusses the stress of having a baby and working on a musical career. She should be more stressed knowing this is not only her second child with Tony but his ninth child total. Can someone please introduce him to a condom? Geez.

The doctor confirms she is indeed about nine weeks pregnant, but has concern that she may not carry the baby to term (due Christmas day) unless she gets her stress under control, leave that moldy house and absolutely no sex. Mr. Nine Babies may have difficulty keeping it in his pants that long.

Kalenna celebrates her news while Mimi is devastated with the news that after her father’s stroke and leg amputation he suddenly passed away. Mimi is hurt even more when she gets mean text messages from Stevie J the same day stating “Karma is a b**ch.”

Ariane checks in on her girl to see her face-to-face. They share a tearful moment and Ariane tells her, “It’s okay to feel vulnerable though. It’s okay to not be okay…your dad just died.” As much as Mimi is hurting over the loss of her father she can’t believe Stevie would call her a h* on the same day her dad died because he was upset she said on the radio that he doesn’t take care of his kid.

Ariane takes it upon herself to approach Stevie J about his behavior. “I feel like she’s wearing this smile to cover up a lot of what’s really hurting her.” Ariane lets him know he’s hurting her and in her opinion she did the sex tape to get back at him. She also believes it would be a good idea for Stevie J and Mimi to sit down and talk out there issues. Anyone else see a disaster waiting to happen?

Yung Joc and Karlie Redd hit the studio to record their track “Heartbreakers”. “We do good work when we ain’t at each other’s necks.” Joc tells Karlie. Karlie asks him straight up if he’s still messing with the help aka Ms. Teletubbie aka Ms. Piggy. He looks her dead in the eyes and says he’s no longer sleeping with her, which makes Karlie very happy.

Yung Joc goes to New York to speak to the higher ups to push their new single. In the meantime, Erica takes Karlie to a fashion show to check out the competition since Erica is launching a clothing line. Erica spots Scrappy in the spot and the two of them proceed to flirt with one another. Their exchange is cute and clever. She notices Scrappy’s weight loss.

Erica: I see you

Scrappy: I see you.

Erica: I know, you’re looking hard

Scrappy: You’re looking hard too. You’re looking so hard I can see myself through your eyes…I love what I see. Always.

Karlie giggles like a schoolgirl watching these two flirt, but her face turns sour quickly when she sees Yung Joc enter the place with Ms. Piggy, ahem, Khadiyah, instead of being in New York. Karlie and Erica approach them ready for a battle.

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