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LHHA: Has Benzino’s girlfriend been loving the crew? Find out here.

Who has Althea allegedly been with?
Who has Althea allegedly been with?

Benzino and Stevie J give their women – Althea and Joseline – a tour of their latest venture Sleazy and Zino Bistro & Bar. Benzino confides in Stevie J that he is ready to put a ring on it. Stevie J advises Benzino to slow it down.

“I really feel like Althea is my soul mate so why wait?” Benzino asks rhetorically. Just last season he was close to proposing to Karlie Red so maybe Stevie J is right to advise him to pump the brakes.

Speaking of Karlie Red, Kirk spills the tea (aka gossips) to her about Benzino while at a club performance for her man Yung Joc. He lets her know Benzino has a new girlfriend and a new bar opening. Karlie reminisces on how Benzino used to cook for her and unlike Joc he was home every night and not out creeping. “I miss him.” She confessed to Kirk.

Karlie wasn’t invited, but she wasn’t going to miss the grand opening for anything. She rolls in with her homegirl and Scrappy’s baby mama Erica. Benzino introduces Althea to them and the conversation turns sour quickly when Althea finds out Karlie has Benzino’s new phone number. Karlie corrected her and stated, “I have every number.”

Althea gets all bold stating Karlie is missing the D and she wasn’t referring to a vitamin supplement either. Althea throws a drink on Karlie and Karlie reciprocates.

“Escort that b**** out my club!” Benzino shouts to security. Karlie gets dragged out and Erica yells at Benzino like a true ride or die chick. Althea throws a drink on Erica and all hell breaks loose. Security scurries around trying to get a handle on the rambunctious crowd while Karlie shouts threats from the curb that Yung Joc will beat Benzino up.

Benzino was supposed to cover Mimi and Nikko’s one year anniversary and apparent adult entertainment announcement party, but decided at the last minute not to go. Althea thinks it’s because she used to date Nikko back in the day. Meanwhile at the party, Nikko boastfully mentions Althea is his leftovers and Mimi confirmed she saw Althea half-dressed one night at Stevie J’s house when she went to drop their daughter off.

“Whoa! She lovin’ the crew?” Erica asks in shock. “I didn’t know she was being passed around the crew like that. Just wait ‘til I tell Karlie.” Wait until Joseline and Benzino find out. That’s when things will get really interesting.

Memorable Moments:

• Deb Antney’s son and Waka Flocka’s brother, Caodes Scott, committed suicide during filming for season 3. In honor of her son she started a movement to end negative posts on social media.

• Joseline confronts Stevie J about naked photos on his phone. Stevie J threatens to get his own place

• Bambi breaks up with Scrappy due to all of Momma Dee’s drama and the “ratchet circus triangle” he threw her in.

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