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LHHA: Big secrets are revealed about Stevie J, Joseline, Kirk and Yung Joc

Are they really married?
Are they really married?

Joseline pressures Stevie J to plan a big white wedding for her since all they had was a simple courthouse wedding, but Stevie wants to postpone the ceremony in order to book some gigs and stack their money to finance this huge wedding. Speaking of bookings, Joseline is all fired up about her friend and booking agent, Dawn who she claims hasn’t been handling her business. Joseline chooses to ignore Dawn as opposed to actually terminating her employment.

Dawn has to hear in the streets that she’s fired instead of from the horse’s mouth. So what does Dawn do? She decides to let Mimi in on a well-kept secret. Stevie J and Joseline are NOT married.

“I’ve been saying since the beginning that this marriage is a fraud. And now there’s proof.” Mimi comments. Dawn even says the engagement ring Joseline is sporting is from her ex-boyfriend Keith. The biggest part of Stevie’s lie is when he uses his best friend Benzino to get him and Joseline on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly announcing their fake marriage.

Stevie J decides to meet up with Dawn to officially hand her walking papers, but Dawn refuses to go out like a sucker and confronts Stevie J about his fraudulent life.

“I’ve got a folder full of documents that’s proving that Stevie J and his wife are nothing but a bunch of broke a** frauds.” She claims that she signed for the place Joseline was living previously because Joseline’s credit was too bad to get it on her own. She let Joseline use her Neiman Marcus credit card. She calls out Stevie J for rolling around in a rented Benz and Bentley and a mansion that he’s renting. Girlfriend even had the documents on her to prove it. She calls him out on the fake marriage and says the last time he had a hit record Ronald Reagan was in office. Ouch!

“Next time you come at me. Come right.” Dawn shouts to Stevie J and exits the establishment like a superhero.

On another note, Kirk has the nerve to bring some random chick who works at a bar to his home to become the nanny for his newborn. It took everything in Rasheeda to keep from knocking Kirk out for bringing some young tenderoni over holding her baby. The bar chick reveals that Kirk gave the impression he was separated and co-parenting. Rasheeda politely makes the girl leave and instructs Kirk to re-evaluate his thought process.

And lastly, Karlie apologizes to Yung Joc for trying to make him jealous when she flirted with Jeremih at the studio. Yung Joc forgives her when she sucks his finger seductively and gropes him under the table with customers all around. That was all it took to get them back on track and start looking at homes again.

Joc’s realtor/driver/stylist/tax preparer Khadiyah showed them a home and Karlie was suspicious of their relationship so she just flat out asks her if she’s sleeping with Yung Joc. Ms. Thing actually confirmed it and the claws came out. Stay tuned for next week’s episode for more juicy drama.

Honorable mention:

Bambi reveals she had a miscarriage. Momma Dee comes by to console Bambi and confesses she also had a miscarriage many moons ago.

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