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LHHA: Bambi pregnant? Is Kirk the baby’s daddy? Karlie and Yung Joc split

Is it over for Karlie and Yung Joc
Is it over for Karlie and Yung Joc

Bambi breaks the news to Scrappy that she’s pregnant. Bambi is in love with Scrappy but he isn’t on the same page. However, they do decide to keep the baby. All of a sudden Momma Dee is super excited to welcome the new heir to the throne. Her attitude towards Bambi completely changed to the point Scrappy had to ask Momma Dee if she’s been taking her bipolar medicine.

Speaking of babies, Kirk gets the results from his home DNA kit. Kirk…you ARE the father. He is so relieved and the only person who ever doubted he was the father anyway. Benzino advises Kirk to never mention the DNA test to Rasheeda and burns the evidence in the parking lot.

Erica brings her new beau O’Shea the Model (stitched on his hat just in case you forget) on a double date with Karlie and Yung Joc. O’Shea shows off his muscles making Yung Joc uncomfortable and Karlie turned on.

“I love me some Joc, but I got a weakness for a man with a cut body and a cute face,” Karlie drools. “Joc better watch out. Every man needs to be a little jealous every now and then.”

Joc offers to pay for the double date, but O’Shea quickly lets him know he would take care of the tab. How does he do that? By having Erica pay for it. She admits she has paid for a few dates in the past because O’Shea hasn’t booked a lot of modeling gigs lately. Maybe he’s allergic to getting a regular job. He may be finer than Scrappy, but at least Scrappy was footing the bills.

Karlie could get a job as a police officer because she enjoys interrogating Yung Joc constantly about who he’s sleeping with and questioning his comings and goings. To appease her they decide to get a place together. His realtor finds a 6,000 square foot home and Karlie asks if he’s sleeping with her too.

Later Karlie runs into her old pal R&B singer Jeremih in the studio. At the end of the session Yung Joc walks in on what looks like a very intimate hug and personal space violation. The entire scene is comical when Yung Joc goes off on her saying her hairdo looks like Sho Nuff from the movie The Last Dragon and proceeds to tell her to kiss his Converse and kick rocks. The argument moves from the studio to the parking lot.

“So now you mad, huh? I guess you know how I feel ALL the time? I guess payback is a bitch?” Karlie says in her monologue. Yung Joc calls off the pending co-habitation and the relationship entirely and drives away leaving Karlie in the parking lot sucking in exhaust fumes.

Memorable moments:

Mimi goes off when Nikko reveals he told Stevie J about their sex tape deal. Stevie J is convinced Nikko intentionally leaked the tape because he’s trying to keep up with the Jordan’s (him and his bride Joseline).

Stevie J and Joseline host a dinner at their enormous home for Benzino and his new woman Althea. Benzino has hearts in his eyes.

Scrappy asks Kirk if Bambi smashed the homie Benzino last year at the lake house. Kirk confirmed she didn’t sleep with him much to Scrappy’s relief.

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