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Lhasa Apso rescued after falling in Maryland sinkhole

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Samantha, a 14-year-old Lhasa Apso was out for her walk on Sunday in Frederick with her favorite human, Susanne Geary, when the ground seemed to open up and Samantha fell into a sinkhole reported Channel9 News.

The sinkhole, approximately two-feet wide and eight-feet deep was most likely the result of the prolonged winter of rain, sleet, and snow, but Geary was so shocked and upset when Samantha fell into the hole, she screamed for help.

Samantha's collar and leash slipped off as she fell into the hole.

An estimated 25 rescue workers arrived at Old Farms Road and Wainwright Court to help the blind and deaf dog back to safety. Rescuers pumped warm air into the hole to keep Samantha more comfortable.

The entire rescue took seven hours to complete; seems that Samantha wasn't too eager to cooperate and paced back and forth where she fell, and even though firefighters threw down treats and toys to try and coax Samantha to the more convenient spot of the very narrow opening, this dog wasn't participating.

Nonetheless, thanks to the rescuers and the firefighters for their creative rescue endeavors, Samantha was finally harnessed and pulled to safety. She was immediately rushed to an emergency veterinarian hospital to be checked out, and once x-rayed and bathed, surprisingly Samantha was not injured and released back to Geary.

"She's home, she ate, she's safe, and I'm happy," stated a very happy doggy mom.

Good for you Samantha.

Click here for Samantha and Susanne's short video.

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