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LG's SoundPlate features slim speakers for your TV

LG recently showcased the SoundPlate (LAP340) audio system, which features slim, stylish speakers that can be placed under your flat screen television. It retails for about $580.

At 35mm tall, the SoundPlate is one of the slimmest base-type speakers on the market.
LG Electronics

"LG SoundPlate is a slim plate under any brand TV that boasts a robust 4.1 channel, complete with dual built-in subwoofers to achieve a full-bodied sound system," according to a company spokesperson.

Sleek Design

With its new audio product, the electronics maker is responding to consumers' preference for chic and aesthetically appealing home devices. Call it the "Apple effect."

At 35mm tall, the SoundPlate is one of the slimmest base-type speakers on the market, which includes similar flat designs from competitors such as Bose, Vizio, and Samsung. Don't mistake SoundPlate's minimalist design for a lack in audio quality.

The audio system boasts a powerful multi-channel surround sound home theater experience. The bass packs a wallop. And it's designed to fit seamlessly in your home décor without being intrusive.

LG SoundPlate (LAP340)

Here are some key features:

  • 35mm ultra slim design to match up to a 55" television
  • 120 watts 4.1 channel
  • Integrated dual subwoofer
  • Sound Sync
  • Bluetooth

Dual Subwoofers

LG's SoundPlate fits most TV sizes from 32" to 55" and is a great solution for either your primary or secondary television. The bass sound is produced by ultra slim built-in dual subwoofers, which you can find at the bottom of the platform.

The single slim plate eliminates the need for bulky subwoofers to achieve a full sound system.

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