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LG Lucid 2 successor, LG Lucid 3 pops up in image leak sporting Verizon logo

LG Lucid 2 and LG Lucid 3
LG Lucid 2 and LG Lucid 3

LG is releasing a follow up to its mid-range Lucid 2 smartphone and it’s heading to Verizon. There are no details about the hardware specs, price or release date of the LG Lucid 3, but a sneak peek reveals a design change from its predecessor.

As Engadget reports (March 15), a pre-release photo leak of the LG Lucid 3 shows off its rounded corners and physical home key. Thanks to a Twitter post from @evleaks on Saturday, we see that the Lucid 3 has a similar build to LG’s new F-series models, the F70 and F90.

Last year’s LG Lucid 2 featured a square design with capacitive buttons for home, back, task manager and menu. On the Lucid 3, the only capacitive buttons that remain are the back and menu options.

According to what appears to be a press image, the LG Lucid 3 (VS876) smartphone sports a 4GLTE logo on its back. The Verizon and LG logos are located both the back and the front of the device. It’s possible that the phone could land on Verizon’s 4G LTE network sometime within the coming weeks.