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Lexus has a bright new coupe to show off

Wouldn't one of these be nice in the driveway next year?
Wouldn't one of these be nice in the driveway next year?
Image courtesy of Lexus USA.

(Indulge yourself by reading the following two stanzas to the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer...)

RC the Lexus Sports Coupe

Has a very spindled grille,

And if you ever drove it,

It would surely pack a thrill!

All of the other sports coupes,

Used to laugh and call it names,

But RC the Lexus Sports Coupe

Will rise in automotive fame!

We can’t tell you what the RC actually stands for, but we can suggest a few thoughts… How about Red Coupe or Rally Coupe? Then there’s Radical Car or Racing Carmen? Or it could be Revolutionary Color or Really Cool?

Someone at Lexus probably knows, but they haven’t clued us in yet. What we do know is it sports a whole new take on the painting game. The deep red color with its highly reflective highlights comes from a new approach to double coating and creating a stunning luster by using an undercoat of silver enveloped in a shell of bright red paint.

The result seems to illuminate the paint from beneath, as though it virtually glows in the sunlight. As red cars always go faster, the Lexus RC is sure to move not only its body and chassis, but also a driver’s soul to a whole new level.

The Lexus RC sports coupe was first revealed during the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show and will doubtless be one of the outstanding highlights of the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The flashy red Lexus RC is supposed to be available for purchase sometime next year and frankly we can hardly wait to get a closer look – maybe we’ll actually get to take a ride on the Relativity Continuum – if so we’ll make a point to let Albert know we all miss him very much.

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Ride!!!

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