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Lexus blending the 2015 CT 200 hybrid with F-Sport

The exterior of the 2014 CT 200h is unchanged in 2015, except by the F-Sport trim package
The exterior of the 2014 CT 200h is unchanged in 2015, except by the F-Sport trim package
Image courtesy of Lexus

The 2015 Lexus CT 200h will have an available F-Sport model allowing the usually sensible urban commuter to go from ECO to “freak-o!”
If these two radically opposed technologies can live together under the hood of a single owners vehicle, perhaps there is hope for some of the world’s incendiary conflicts. One can only hope so…
If you are unaware, F-Sport is what the brand calls its performance package, that is now appearing in more and more models, such as the IS 350c F-Sport, we recently had the pleasure of testing out.
What is surprising is this hybrid model has traditionally been aimed at an upwardly mobile urban professional more concerned with “coolth,” connectivity and efficiency than performance per se. It would seem Lexus has decided a subgroup of these visionary urbanites still have freak flags to fly – at least now and then.
The hybrid model normally gets 42-mpg in its ECO mode via a four-cylinder engine coupled to a 650-volt motor/generator producing 134 horses, that don’t eat enough to keep a bird alive.
So you take this docile transportation and add – wait a minute – in this case the F-Sport designation is mostly cosmetic! There is no additional direct injection turbochargers or a bigger gas engine or electric motor. In fact the only performance improvements are a “F SPORT-tuned suspension,” which adds specially tuned dampers and springs to boost agility and handling, sure to improve the response in a redefined “Eurowagon” with a low center of gravity and the stability bred of a hybrid battery’s weight gluing it to the road.
Other F-Sport enhancements include the black mesh variant of the distinctive Lexus spindle grille, black contrasting roof, a rear spoiler that includes large air ducts, 17-inch alloy wheels sporting a five-element twin-spoke design with two-tone graphite and machine finish, plus mesh fog lamp inserts surrounded in black.
Another refreshing update is the addition of Siri for owners of iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 models, allowing users to accomplish a number of things just by asking – it’s like having a genie in the model!
The downloadable Siri Eyes Free app allows the driver of the 2015 CT 200h to call their contacts, command turn-by-turn navigation using Apple maps, as well as selecting and playing music from iTunes.
So maybe ECO and freak-o have more in common than we thought – after all you don’t have to move that fast to find the joy of driving in some of the serpentine roads surrounding the Mile High City.
In a 2015 Lexus CT 200h F-Sport it can be done stylishly, as well, and what’s wrong with that?

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