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Lexus beat the wheels off Mercedes-Benz in sales

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Japanese automaker Lexus is kicking mucho butt sales-wise. The luxury brand outsold its German competitor Mercedes-Benz last month for the second time in five months. Regarding its other luxury German rival, BMW, Lexus is reportedly behind them as far as sales but the competition could get stiff, as the company gets into high gear to introduce its new NX crossover and RC sports coupe to its lineup later this year according to Business Week.

Retail sales for Lexus have been pretty much booming and during the first quarter of the year, the automaker pushed 65,475 vehicles, while Mercedes sold 63,483. Beating its competitors is nothing new for Lexus as the company had high times for 11 years as a top banana as far as sales before the tragic earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in 2011. Lexus vehicles are produced in Japan and exported to the U.S. and when the natural disaster struck, their assembly plants stopped production as they were severely impacted. The tsunami’s effects bumped Lexus from its position atop the bestsellers list, in terms of vehicles sold globally, and they lost their crown.

As far as giving BMW a beat down in sales, this could reportedly, prove to be more of a challenge for Lexus. In May, BMW claims it had a banner month and moved some 29,602 units. Lexus reports it sold 26,921, which is a 16.6 percent improvement over last year’s sales.

The question remains however, will Toyota’s luxury brand beat the wheels off the German road warrior, BMW? Well according to Mark Templin, executive vice president of Lexus, volume is not the emphasis. “It’s to do the right things. It’s nice to know that people are responding to the new products we’ve launched. Over the last two years, we’ve had a string of hits,” he told Business Week.

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