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Lexington's local musicians, up close and personal

Downtown Lexington
Downtown Lexington
Lexington Ky Visitor Planning Guide

Whether you are attempting to tap into the artistic flavor of Lexington or just looking for a good time without spending a lot of money you should check out Lexington’s thriving local music scene.

Lexington Kentucky offers a wide variety of local music groups and artists with genera’s ranging from Bluegrass to Indy Rock and Jazz to Pop Punk. There are a wealth of venues that cater to a variety of styles, ages and price ranges where you can enjoy every type of music imaginable.

Check back here frequently over the next several months for a series of interviews with some of Lexington’s most innovative, entertaining and cutting edge artists and bands. Meanwhile, please read on for a brief summary of some of the hottest venues known for showcasing live, local bands and musicians.

Al’s Bar, located on 6th and Limestone, has a full menu and is known to feature a variety of music, with a focus on bluegrass, in addition to a monthly cult film series.

Busters, located at 899 Manchester Street, offers 11,000 square feet of billiards lounge and state-of-the-art concert hall featuring a full spectrum of music genera’s, regional and national musical acts, and art and performances of all types.

Cosmic Charlie’s, located on the corner of Woodland and Euclid, provides a limited appetizer menu and offers up a wide array of local and national acts.

Green Lantern, on the corner of Jefferson and 3rd, has a great room for pool and jukebox tunes and another for a full spectrum of live local acts ranging from acoustic to punk rock.

Lower 48 is located in downtown Lexington’s Victorian Square Shoppes. In addition to a variety of different live acts, they feature frequent dance parties with local DJ’s spinning the trendiest new and retro music.

CD Central, located at 377 S. Limestone Street, is Lexington's largest independent new and used CD store, specializing in indie rock, alternative country, jazz, blues, bluegrass, and musical alternatives of all kinds. The store frequently features live, all-ages performances of local and nationally touring acts.

Natasha’s Bistro and Bar near the corner of Esplanade and Main Street in downtown Lexington is Kentucky’s premiere arts and entertainment restaurant, serving New American Cuisine, and known for contemporary dining with a lively venue of Theater and Music.

A few other venues you may want to check out are: Pops Resale, located at 1423 Leestown Road; Side Bar located at 147 N. limestone street; Lynagh’s Irish Pub at 384 Woodland Avenue; Cheapside Bar and Grill on the corner of Mill and Cheapside; Two Keys Tavern at 333 S. Limestone Street; Bar Complex located at 224 E. Main Street; Cadillac Ranch at 2320 Palumbo Drive; Horse and Barrel Pub at 101 N. Broadway; Main Street Live at 367 E. Main Street; Oscars at 3347 Tates Creek Road; and Redmons’ located at 269 W. Main Street.

This is by no means a complete list of the numerous Lexington hot-spots where you can go to enjoy local bands and musicians but it should give you a good starting place.

If there are any artists or bands that you would like to see profiled, please leave a comment with the name of the band or artist and, if you have one, a link to where they can be found online. Don’t forget to check back frequently for the latest interviews with some of the most talented artists in Lexington.


  • Lupe Saunders 5 years ago

    After this article, there is absolutely no excuse for anyone to sit around and vegetate in front of the boob tube. Thanks Neely.

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