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Lexi’s Place in Niagara Falls needs help to reach at-risk teenage girls

Lexi’s Place in Niagara Falls needs help to reach at-risk teenage girls
Photo courtesy of Lexi's Place used with permission

Lexi’s Place in Niagara Falls, N.Y. has been founded in order to help teenage girls overcome bullying and grow into strong, independent young women. Lexi’s place needs help in order to collect and distribute personal care items to at-risk teenagers in the Western New York area.

A request for personal care items was posted today, May 13 on the Lexi’s Place Facebook page. The greatest need is for items that can help boost a vulnerable teenage girl’s self-esteem. The list includes, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, cosmetics, hair color, deodorant and lotions. Anything that would make a teenage girl feel good about herself, make her feel special and help her feel as if she fits in at school and the community.

You do not need to live in the Western New York area to help. Any monetary donations made to Lexi’s Place are tax-deductible. Other items that out-of-town contributors can help with include coupons for the requested items. Volunteers are poised to watch for sales in order to maximize the items that can be purchased for the at-risk teenage girls.

As described on Lexi’s Place Facebook page, many teenage girls are bullied by other teenage girls because they do not “fit in.” Having simple items like mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, shampoo, body wash and scented lotions can go a long way in raising a young girl’s self-esteem.

Lexi’s Place also has sent out a plea for local salons that can donate items as well as time from hair stylists, colorists, make-up artists and nail technicians. A few hours a month donated to cutting, styling and styling a teenage girl’s hair can mean so much. In addition, teaching a teenage girl how to apply make-up in a flattering and appropriate way can possible keep her from making the wrong choices in life or attracting the wrong kind of attention.

Email Rachael Monaco at or visit Lexi’s Place Facebook page for contact information.