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Lexi, abandoned dog recovering from surgery for aggressve tumor

Those following the story about Lexi, an abandoned dog that was soon claimed by Second Chance Rescue NYC, will be happy to know this dog is now recovering from surgery.

Lexi before much needed surgery.
Facebook/Loving Lexi
Lexi gets her second chance.
Facebook/Loving Lexi

Lexi got her second chance by receiving much needed surgery with the help of donors and Second Chance Rescue NYC.

Lexi is approximately one year old and was found tied to a fence in Brooklyn. Brought to the Brooklyn Animal Care & Control, Lexi had to remain there for the required 3 days before Second Chance Rescue NYC could take her.

Once Lexi received medical attention, it was determined that she had an aggressive soft tissue mass. This mass was behind one eye and had also grown in to her sinus cavity.

Thoughts shared from Hendrick Boards before Lexi had the surgery will help readers understand why the need for surgery was urgent:

By Sunday night, Lexi started to deteriorate - blood and other discharge was oozing from her eyes and nose. She was rushed to an ER vet late Sunday by SCR, and an MRI confirmed that Lexi has an aggressive soft tissue mass behind her eye that has grown into her sinus cavity. She is being treated with pain medication and antibiotics, and is getting ready for a biopsy. In order to save Lexi's life, the mass must be removed along with her eye.

Lexi needs our help. To donate to her ongoing medical treatment and care, donate directly to our friends at Second Chance Rescue:

Those making a purchase from Hendrick Boards helps support dogs like Lexi and the groups helping these dogs. To date Hendricks Boards has raised over $300,000 for shelters and rescue groups and donates to more than 300 shelters and rescue groups. Learn more and Hendrick Boards and what they are doing to help Lexi, Second Chance Rescue and many more.

Be sure to visit the Facebook page created for Lexi and also check the site for Second Chance Rescue NYC to learn ways to help Lexi and other pets as well.

Lexi is now recovering from her surgery, facts shared include a statement saying Lexi's eye was removed and only part of the mass could be removed during that surgery. Results from a biopsy are needed in order to plan what the next step is for Lexi. Watch for more details on Lexi's Facebook page.

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