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Lewis no match for Pearce at candidate forum

Senator Russell Pearce talks with reporters after last night's candidate forum that was held at the East Valley Institute of Technology.
Senator Russell Pearce talks with reporters after last night's candidate forum that was held at the East Valley Institute of Technology.
Miss Kate Dionne

Senator Russell Pearce and candidate Jerry Lewis took to the stage last night prepared to face each other in defense of the platform they each stand on. Both candidates gave the impression of being comfortable and ready for anything. Then the proceedings began.

Candidate Lewis seemed unprepared for the situation, leaving one to ponder how would he be if elected to one of the most important positions in State politics. His answers were vague, and most of them seemed to begin with the word 'listen' and end with 'work with'. There was no clear answer to any of the questions asked, and at one point Lewis earned a collective gasp followed by many boos when he likened the State of Arizona to Alabama 1964.

His responses carried a negative tone, and you left with the impression that this Arizonan does not like the state he moved to in the 80's. There is a simple solution for that, since many in the crowd disagreed with the negative light he painted, stopping just short of calling the voters in Mesa racist. (This conclusion since in the election held in November, Senator Pearce won the seat he is now defending by a landslide vote of 70%.)

The solution would be for Mr. Lewis to move back to California and leave Arizona politics to the Arizonan who not only loves his state, but has been working hard to ensure that he performs the job the voters have elected him to do.

Enter Senator Pearce. Every question was answered with clear, concise facts. Nothing was left hanging in the air, and each response carried, "We are working..." "I personally took great interest in..." "We did pass..."

And more importantly, the love he has for his district, his state and his neighbors was evident in such statements as, "I'm proud of Arizona and its accomplishments. We lead the nation on these issues (referring to illegal immigration, border security, and other issues facing American's today) Thirty states follow our example, and Governor Brewer gets standing ovations wherever she goes."

Pearce went on to explain that since the passing of SB1070 crime is down, class sizes in our schools are down, businesses are coming to Arizona, and tourism is up 10%. He went on to add, "We have a balanced budget. Arizona can meet it's budget without extending the 1% tax."

The victor in last night's candidate forum was the man who with everything in him fights for you, me, and every Arizonan, black, white, brown, red, in his district, out of his district that resides within the borders of our state. He is willing to continue that fight, and put himself on the front lines of such harassment as the recall election that has been laid at his feet by native Californians who wish to see our state turned into Baby California.

The voters in Ld 18 have the future of our great state in their hands. They can win this battle for us.

The solution is simple. Vote right, vote Pearce.


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