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Lewis no good at hiding puppet strings

This photo was taken May 31, 2011 in celebration of the recall effort.
This photo was taken May 31, 2011 in celebration of the recall effort.

The Arizona Republic published an article today on recall election candidate Jerry Lewis and how he claims not to be a puppet. In reading the article, the thought came to mind of a puppet who claimed to be a real boy. Whenever he told this lie his nose grew bigger and bigger until he told the truth.

Jerry Lewis has found himself in a corner where he can either stand up and tell the truth, or he can continue watching his nose grow bigger.

Mr. Lewis claims that he is not endorsed by the Democratic Party. While that may be true out in the public eye, this reporter was able to stumble upon some interesting revelations that have occurred behind closed doors.

In these photographs, you will see Randy Parraz at a celebration on May 31, 2011, that was held at a private residence. The residence is that of one of Jerry Lewis’ biggest supporters. In another photograph, you see Robert Unferth, another Parraz supporter.

Unferth is a member of Citizens for a Better Arizona. In the first photo, he is at the Lewis Campaign Kick off party that was held on Aug 18, 2011,(this photo was posted on the Jerry Lewis for Senate Facebook page) and then in the second photo you see Unferth handing in Recall Signature sheets also posted on Facebook.

If Jerry Lewis is no puppet why does he insist on taking money from the puppet masters who are pulling his strings?

**Update: Due to the report filed by Robert Unferth, claiming that the photo is not him, I have removed the photo, and am supplying the following links so readers can connect the dots themselves. Information posted on the internet is public information especially if that information comes from the website, facebook page, or other information source that belongs to a public figure. Please keep that in mind when you are allowing yourself to be photographed. I am also including a link to the Jerry Lewis campaign finance records for your perusal. You will find many members of Citizens for a Better Arizona among them, of which Robert Unferth is one. I did not accuse you of anything. I simply asked why Jerry Lewis is associated with you, if he does not know you, or the Association you belong to. The definition of libel is: to misrepresent damagingly.

The definition of slander is: a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name.

If you find the fact that people know you belong to CBA, or that you support Jerry Lewis, perhaps you should change afiliations. Nothing in my article is either of those things, and since the information obtained came from public forums, they are already available to the public.

And now, the links:!/JerryLewisforAZSenate ,, Thank you for reading! **


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