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Leviticus and the abomination of the Obama nation

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Recently, the all inclusive progressive left has waged an all out war on Christianity. The CEO of Mozilla software was 'pushed out' by his far left zealot cronies for his financial support (6 years ago) of a Traditional Marriage organization. Funny how people fighting so hard for equal rights deny those who disagree with them the very same rights supposedly afforded everyone in America.

This is where the problem lies.

Christians, particularly Roman Catholics, will never see homosexual marriage, let alone homosexuality, as a normal social (or private) behavior. This outlook is part of their faith, part of God's Divine Revelation. It is non-negotiable. This doesn't mean that Christians, and Roman Catholics, hate gay people. It means, rather, that the homosexual act itself is deemed evil as revealed by God Himself.

You don't have to believe, or agree. It's a free country (?).

On the flip side, gay Americans, particularly those of the far and hardline left, will never settle for any amicable arrangement where people who deem their behavior aberrant, live side by side with them. They choose, rather, to push the agenda day by day, pirating marriage, pushing the boundaries of decency in public, and acting like a social gestapo if anyone, like the Mozilla CEO, gets out of (PC) line.

So, what is the solution? Compromise? Never!

Catholics cannot go against Divine Revelation, let alone 2,000 years of Church Tradition and still remain not only Catholic, but in the sanctifying grace of God. The far left homosexual, likewise, cannot live with their own conscience if there is a Catholic anywhere nearby 'spouting' the Truth of human sexuality. For guilt and shame hurt.

Leviticus, chapter 18 states that if a man lies with a man, or a woman with a woman, this is an abomination. The Obama nation, by the authority of pop-psychology, ideology, political expedience, and convenience, states the opposite.

A clash is inevitable. The winner will be those who have stronger faith in their cause.