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Levin says Obama voters 'damn fools'

Administration officials meet with Congress on Obama's request for $3.4 billion to address immigration crisis.l
Administration officials meet with Congress on Obama's request for $3.4 billion to address immigration crisis.l
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In one of his most acerbic yet pinpoint accurate statements to date on Barack Obama and those who support him, radio talk show host Mark Levin stated on the air on Thursday that those who voted for Obama are "damn fools," particularly those who did so twice. Levin is a practicing attorney and served in the Reagan administration.

Levin's remarks came within the context of his observations and assessment of the Obama agenda, the sorry state of the nation today under Obama's leadership, and the bombardment of outright tyranny against U.S. citizens by the vast, unelected government bureaucracy that is now firmly under the control of malevolent and dangerous Obama operatives. Each scandal that has been brought to light by astute and fearless investigative reporters outside of the mainstream media represents an attack on the freedoms of American citizens.

From the Fast and Furious scandal to Benghazi, from the IRS vendetta against conservative individuals and groups for nothing more than political purposes to the Obamacare debacle, and from the EPA's assault on private property rights to the current mega-crisis at the southern border, the personal freedoms codified into law and protected by the Constitution are made highly vulnerable and on the brink of being obliterated forever. And let's not forget the illegal spying on Americans who are not suspected of crimes. Gun rights, freedom of speech and the press, freedom of religion (forcing business owners to betray their values and beliefs to comply with Obamacare), the right to private property, the right to privacy, the right to face your accusers in a court of law and be judged by a jury of your peers, all of these and others have been directly attacked by Obama directives.

Most observant and vigilant citizens were aware of these various planks of the Obama agenda way back in 2007. Those of us who were part of that chorus of voices warning the country were ignored by most of the voting public. Many of these persons knew full well what they were getting. It was a no-brainer that Obama is and always has been e collectivist extremist with direct ties to some of the most dangerous persons in the country. Bill Ayers, for example, is a domestic terrorist who admits to bombing federal buildings. He and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, were also responsible for the deaths of two police officers while carrying out their terrorist activity, but charges were dropped against the two on a technicality. It is no accident that Bill Ayers helped launch Obama's political career in his living room in Chicago.

But even in spite of these facts that are beyond dispute, a majority of voters gave Obama a second term. True, Obama is well-known to appeal to "low information" voters -- those who know little or nothing about politics or the issues involved and who probably barely make the cut out of the "imbecile" designation on IQ tests. But these are not the only ones who voted for Obama twice. The majority of "reporters" in the mainstream media did so because they support the Obama tyranny. So did university professors who also have a tendency to support collectivist extremists. The most intelligent of the Obama voters believe that if you get enough near-imbecilic persons into the polling places, you get Democrat voters. They are not capable of grasping truth, so there is always a clever collectivist subversive around who will lead the poor morons by the nose into voting for tyranny while making it sound like they are voting for utopia. This is where Andy Stern, John Holdren, Cass Sunstein, Van Jones, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, and the Southern Poverty Law Center come in handy. Each of these and others like them merit their own special part of the term "despicable."

The latest of the scandals bombarding the country is the crisis at the southern border, and the minions of the Obama collectivist machine wasted no time in trying to spin the story into a "humanitarian" crisis. It is time to lay to waste the propaganda and tell the cold, hard truth. The only humanitarian factor here is that parents are too sorry and despicable to accompany their children wherever they go. Yes, they need to be reunited but in the country from which they came. The fact is that Central America and Mexico are dumping the sickest and most dangerous of their citizens on the United States.

And how did all of these citizens of third world countries get information that if their children go to the United States, they cannot be deported? Look no further than the Obama administration. This is why none of these busloads of sick persons with TB, scabies, HIV, STDs, etc., were a surprise for the federal government. They just happened to have buses ready to pick them up and deposit them in various towns and cities across the country.

The fact is the Administration knew what was about to take place. Their policies created the crisis. And they wish to hide it from the public, which is why a U.S. Congressman from Texas was denied entrance to a holding facility where the illegal aliens are being held. Did the federal bureaucracy not know that this is illegal? You cannot bar an elected Congressman or Senator from an area in his own district. Not only is this a felony but it is tyranny. Even pastors, priests, and nuns are barred from the detention facilities.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that all of these persons are going to get free education in public schools, free medical care, and free food, all at taxpayers' expense. This is why the bill that Obama now insists be passed authorizes $3.4 billion to be spent to expand the bureaucracy that deals with disputes concerning illegal aliens and deportations. Only $100 million out of the $3.4 billion will be spent directly on border security. He should not be given a dime, considering what he has done with our money consistently for six years. Let him put the National Guard on the border first and then build the remainder of the border fence, and then we will talk about other issues.

Do you not understand yet? Do you not grasp what this is really about? This is an invasion from south of the border. Mexico and Central American countries have strict anti-illegal alien laws. But the United States has what amounts to open borders. We are thus being inundated by not only the sickest of persons from south of the border but drug cartels, human traffickers, and other criminals.

And, as one top level government official who works in the field of terrorism told me over a year ago, overseas terrorists have been in the region working with drug cartels and other criminals, and their goal is to take advantage of the open border to the south to cross into America and lie in wait for the go-ahead order to perpetrate the most devastating terrorist attack on America in its entire history.

Do you fear al Qaeda or ISIS? Better gird your loins and keep your powder dry. They're already here, in the country, thanks to Barack Obama, the Democrat controlled Senate, and the Republican leadership in the House.

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