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Levi Strauss CEO says, 'Don't wash your jeans'

Do you wash your jeans? According to ABC's "Good Morning America," NBC's "Today" show and Fox News on Wednesday, CEO of Levi Strauss & Co. says jeans should not be washed. The jean giant's top boss, Chip Bergh, says people should keep their favorite jeans out of the washing machine.

Levi Strauss CEO says, 'Don't wash your jeans'

Bergh spoke at a conference in California last week where he told attendees not to wash their jeans. He advised spot cleaning their jeans with a sponge or toothbrush. He contends that this method is better for both the denim itself and the environment. Levi Strauss also suggests putting jeans in the freezer to kill germs that cause them to smell.

Bergh takes his own advice. In a recent interview with Fortune magazine, he said about the one-year-old jeans he was wearing, "These jeans have yet to see a washing machine. I know that sounds totally disgusting. I know it does but believe me it can be done. You can spot clean it, you can air dry it, and it’s fine. I am yet to get a skin disease or anything else, it works.”

While not washing your jeans might seems disgusting to you, others have known this for years and do not wash their jeans. "Today" show co-host, Tamron Hall, received stares from co-anchor Suvannah Guthrie when Hall admitted that she has not washed some of her jeans in a year.

According to Us Magazine, Anderson Cooper admits that he wears jeans daily, but he washed them only about four times a year. Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger has also argued against washing denim. He told TMZ last year that he keeps his own Levi's out of the washing machine.

The company is also making new "waterless" jeans. Those jeans will get that acid-wash look without using harsh bleach or chemicals. Do you wash your jeans, or do you find this information disgusting?