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Leveraging your education into your next career

Whether you are a soon to be college, university, or career college graduate, or a tenured worker who has learned new skills, transitioning into a new career requires consistent strategy. Getting any type of additional education can be leveraged into making a move into a new field or industry. There are many different types of education available in Phoenix.

If it’s been awhile since you looked for continuing education, consider the fact that in every industry for each position that requires an advanced degree, there are two jobs that require a university education, and seven that require skills where a certificate or other formal training is the norm. So, no matter what level you are in an organization, see which of these options could help propel your career:

  • ASU/NAU/UofA – This is obvious, but there are online and ground campus programs with each of the state universities that are options.
  • Maricopa Community Colleges – Rio Salado is the online flagship college, but also look into Gateway for programs in certain trades. There are also certificate programs for entrepreneurs and varied apprenticeships.
  • Career Colleges – Phoenix is a mecca for career colleges, investigate the different programs in healthcare, public service, construction, vehicle maintenance, etc.

If you are completing or have completed new education recently, this career fair can be a great opportunity to discover possible employers:

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