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Leveraging Twitter: Live-Tweet Your Way to Increased Brand Recognition

DiGiorno Pizza Live Tweet
DiGiorno Pizza Live Tweet

We live in a dual screen world. People rarely go anywhere or do anything without their smartphones, so even watching a TV show has become something to participate in in the online space.

Live tweeting in a particular niche using an honest, authentic voice is a great way to gain followers, communicate with the leaders in the field, and grow your own digital presence. Here are a few examples of successful live tweeting adventures:

DiGiorno Pizza

When the person behind DiGiorno Pizza’s Twitter account decided to live tweet The Sound of Music starring Carrie Underwood a few months ago, the company had no idea what a huge marketing win it would be. Suddenly, a company that many had never heard of or cared about was “with it” enough to be live tweeting a noteworthy televised event. And, not only were they tweeting, they were tweeting hilariously.

Picture this:


A Brewery Tour

Recently, a friend and I were invited to go on a Brew Bus Tour with Reston Limo – a transit company in the DC metropolitan region. I’m not a big beer drinker, but it seemed like a great opportunity to expand my horizons and grow my local social media presence. The goal of the tour was to learn about new breweries in the area and help support the craft beer scene. As you might expect, the founders of these startup breweries were young, cool, and technologically savvy.

My friend and I began live tweeting the day’s events from the moment we woke up and by the end of the day we had increased our follower count by 2.9% (me) and 1.7% (him). Though our Twitter followings are admittedly meager by some counts, I went from 487 followers to 501 followers in less than 12 hours, and my friend jumped from 595 to 605 followers in the same time frame. In just one day we had made enough noise in the craft beer Twitter scene to stand out and gain a dozen new followers. Not bad for a few hours of “work”.The best part of the live tweeting experience was the instant response from others involved. As soon as we began mentioning the different breweries, they started to engage with us on Twitter. As the mini bus pulled up to our first stop, the founder of the brewery tweeted to my friend “I see you”. Maybe that’s a little creepy, but it’s a real-time communication that couldn’t have occurred if not for the chattiness and instantaneous connection Twitter allows for.

Oscars 2014

And of course, there was the infamous tweet that crashed twitter. Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie photo would not have garnered the millions of retweets and favorites it did if it weren’t for the fact that millions of people were watching the Oscars with their phones in their hands. Within 30 minutes of her posting the star-studded photo, it was the most retweeted tweet of all time. It currently has 3.4 million RT's... and counting. Many of us were already following the awards show via the hashtags #oscars or #oscars2014, which made it a natural next step to simply hit RT as soon as Ellen mentioned it on television.

The interplay between real life events and Twitter is so seamless these days, marketers have come up with a new name for it. No longer do they talk about “multi-channel marketing” it’s now about “omni-channel marketing”. These live tweeting success stories are a great example of the multi-faceted approach necessary to engage with others in the online space and boost your personal (or brand’s) presence.

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