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Leveraging Social Media for an Effective Job Search

Social Media Job Search
Social Media Job Search
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Social media has become a vital tool for job seekers. Social networking should not be completely depended upon to replace other traditional networking methods; social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn can be effectively leveraged during job search.

Nowadays, employers make use of social media to targets talented job candidates; therefore it is very important for job seekers to understand how to use social media effectively to increase their online exposure thereby improving their probability of getting noticed by hunting employers. If you just want an internship, a full time job, or maybe change your boring job, following vital tips will help you put social media into an effective use:

It may sound simple, examine all your digital profiles and make sure they look professional and complete. This includes uploading a corporate looking profile picture and updating your profile as from time to time. Recruiters are always “pissed off” about inappropriate profile photos and incomplete or poorly written profile pages.

Ensure that you update your pages with content relevant to your field and interests. Employers usually follow important trends and your perceptive engagement in trend dialogues might increase your exposure and eventually get invited to consider a job opportunity.

Facebook is increasingly taking its space in the job community. It is the world’s largest social media platform with over 1.23 billion monthly active users as of December 2013 and you must learn how to make good use of it. Be very careful about your privacy settings; make sure everything is correct in order to prevent recruiters from seeing what you don’t want to share.

Twitter has done a great job becoming the second largest social network in the world and it is also a powerful tool for job seekers. You need to learn how to use its 140-character limit effectively by including hash tags of your career passions and interests and professional observations to help you get noticed. Make sure you are a follower of major leaders in your field of interest. Recruiters often tweet links to job posts and even other job hunters share information about jobs through platforms like “Tweetmyjobs.”

You may be a college student or a professional with many years of experience, LinkedIn is becoming increasingly popular as the chief social networking platform in the job ecosystem. For job seekers with acceptable level of experience, there are thousands of free internet tutorials that will teach you how to put LinkedIn into an effective use. If you are a student, consult your career center; most of them offer quality services to help college students build their brand online.

At times, it may appear overpowering, there are several ways job seekers can get noticed, engage with recruiters and uncover new employment opportunities. The use of social media to hire qualified talent is on the increase and the faster you leverage your digital weapon, the closer you are to your dream job.

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