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LeVar Burton raises funds on Kickstarter for 'Reading Rainbow' reboot

LeVar Burton
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

LeVar Burton has decided that it is time for a "Reading Rainbow" reboot and he is using the popular site Kickstarter to help him out. Most people will remember this show from airing on PBS when they were small children. On Wednesday, Mashable shared about his new Kickstarter program which has now already raised $1 million in just one day.

He is wanting to build a website where people can watch "Reading Rainbow" at home with their children. It will also have a version that is made for the classroom for teachers. The teachers will even get free access to special things. Things went crazy on social media today and he was able to raise the $1 million needed in no time. He actually reached this amount in less than 24 hours which is pretty quick.

Back in 2002, "Reading Rainbow" was brought back on the tablet as an app. LeVar Burton was behind this as well. He has always supported this show in any way that he could. He is hoping to bring it back and knows what a great learning tool it can be for children. Some teachers still show the old shows in classrooms, but this will obviously be an updated version of it.

LeVar Burton went to Facebook today thanking everyone for the help. He shared that it only took 12 hours to raise $1 million today. There were over 22,000 people who helped out by supporting the cause. If you were on social networks today, you would see all the support including Wil Wheaton who posted about it.

There is no time line on when "Reading Rainbow" will be available again. The supporters are going to get extra prizes that were offered on Kickstarter but children everywhere will love learning with this show again. LeVar Burton should keep everyone updated on the progress.

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