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Lettuce Souprise You, unlimited soup and salad bar

There's something so desolate about a healthy food option in the vast sea of chain and franchise restaurants. The parking lot had a few scattered cars in it, not enough to feed me the reassurance that the store was actually open, but enough to keep me walking toward the door. To my delight, Lettuce Souprise You was still in business and open for operation.

I was famished and in desperate need of food that makes you feel better without the hangover of indulgence that comes with a burger and fries. The wrap around salad bar met me at the door. To the right and to the left lay beds of fresh iceberg lettuce, spinach, and endless combination options of salad toppings. I had found the right place. A walk to the back of the store and I found the timeless comforts of homemade soups and hot breads.

On my first visit, I enjoyed the homemade clam chowder and a perfectly constructed salad. There is no salad on any menu that has every element I love in it, so thanks to all salad bars with so many options.

On my second visit, I got lucky to have the Asparagus Crab soup. It was a combination I had never seen, and it was delicious. The creamy broth had just enough pepper to wake the senses. The crab was in generous amounts and the asparagus was perfect accompaniment.

The hot and cold bars, all unlimited, will cost you under $8, no matter the time or day, and the way you feel when you leave, is priceless. I am an advocate for all locally owned businesses and encourage you to skip by Panera Bread and visit Lettuce Souprise You, located at the intersection of N. Druid Hills and Briarcliff Rd. It's a great alternative to the mundane chains.

2470 Briarcliff Rd. NE Atlanta