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Letting go is Love...

Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

I think sometimes you spend so long waiting for something really great to come in your life, or should I say searching for it really, and then you just give it up…. But alas! There’s a difference between letting go in a way where you align yourself with trust, faith, hope, allowance… and throwing in the towel, closing your heart to the possibilities, feeling resentment, etc.

I also believe this to be a process. It’s easier said than done, though easy is a perception….and after all it is about the journey anyway, and not the destination. I know I said for years in regards to having a great partner in my life… I don’t care… whatever… yada yada … but really this was not me relinquishing… this was me having animosity & anger feeling unfulfilled, running victim mentality where I was being wronged! Etc. Very different from how I feel now… which is …whatever… it’s all good… que sera sera LOL etc. and I literally laugh out loud….cause it’s all good…

I spent so long searching for someone that I found myself. I found by default that I truly like myself, that I’m a great partner to myself, that I can rely on myself 100% to take care of me, and always keep me safe and protected, and on the up and up…etc. I found that I love art, and creating, that I have a great life, and beautiful friends, and that I REFUSE, just absolutely refuse to not live in the beauty of those moments and the gratitude for those things because I don’t have a partner.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m a feminine essence, and masculine or feminine like most people, I want to share my life with someone, yes! I would love nothing more than to share sweet moments, and long walks on the beach, and cooking dinner with each other, laughing through sips of wine, slices of fresh fruit, olives, sugary lips and kisses that are sweet. I wish to be held and surprised! With sweet little gesture’s a hand pick flower, a love note just because…. I want to share my life with someone to have someone be my witness and I his… YES. I long to be touched, devoured, enjoyed, experienced! By an amazing partner… and so my heart is 100% completely wide open to allowing that in, at just the right moment… but as far as chasing, or lamenting over what has not been, or isn’t…. no. I refuse to waste another moment on anything other than love. Period

So I wish! For love, for me, for you, for all of us…knowing that we ARE love, and we are also the source of it, I know that It will come for all of us in the form of a partner, and/or our greatest dreams, whatever we are wishing for…because I trust. Thus, letting go…is love.

By Ashley Davene

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