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Letting go

Letting Go

Letting go of things is part of life. We can't hold on to things especially if they hurt us. Change is good and helps you grow as a person. Letting go of negative people or situations will help you be the person you are meant to be.

Sometimes it can be hard to let go because you have formed a habit in staying in a situation that might not necessarily be good for you. That negative situation or person can be holding you back from your true potential.

We have all known "frenemies" - people who pretend to be your friend, but drag you down at any chance they can get. These people are usually fake and are never around when you need them. They are usually manipulative, selfish or just plain jealous of you. You know when you are around them because you have the feeling that something is off and you feel drained after being around them. Get rid of these people. In the long run you will thank yourself.

We have all been in relationships that ran a little too long knowing that they were not going anywhere we stayed with someone we knew was the wrong person for us maybe hoping for them to change or for something in the relationship to change. If it hasn't changed by now, it will never change. People are hard to change especially in relationships. You don't need him or her if they are causing you more pain then it's worth. Sometimes it is better to be alone and to center yourself. You end up changing and become stronger as a person.

Letting go of a toxic environment is also beneficial to your health, being a work place, a place where you live or a place where you socialize. If it doesn't feel right to you anymore leave. Places that aren't positive can also have negative affects on your body and soul.

In getting rid of any negativity in your life you will feel happier, calmer and love life a lot more. You will also feel a sense of freedom. Anything or anyone that is negative is actually controlling your level of happiness.

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