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Letters home from the Class War

Algernon Sidney once debunked the Divine Right of Kings by wryly noting that God did not make some men with crowns upon their heads and others with saddles upon their backs. We need to debunk the current reigning myth of some immutable force called a Free Market that has the power once ear marked for God alone.

There is in fact no more evidence to support the idea of a Free Market than there is or was to support the idea that a supreme deity decided on the acceptance of gross income inequalty. In every case these are selfish greedy decisions by the very high handed and mighty in thier own mind, who are claiming it wasn't them that decidied that most of us should live in increasingly degraded living conditions while a very few live in the highest lap of luxury.

The wealthy have always tried to hide their selfish, sick, greedy motives behind some fascade of acceptability such as a Free Market as a justification for a form of superiority doctrine that should in reality be no more acceptable than the idea that some races are superior to others.

As Americans we get all worked up over superiority doctrines focusing on race or gender demanding the offenders head on a platter of contrition before being publicly executed by losing their jobs but never question the Master Slave dichotomy we have in the work place. While the wealthy sometimes invest their money the working person invests their time, expertise, and sometimes risk their lives and their physical health to produce a product that creates wealth by the value of the product of the working person's labor. Since both invested in this creative act by all rights the split should be fifty fifty but instead the wealthy have highjacked the value of labor and claim they have a right to everything including deciding the value of the workers labor. Why do we accept this without question?

The right to earn a living is a fundamental right of humanity. Unemployment is Oppression because the wealthy are intentionally denying a huge segement of the population the right to sustain their lives just to hold down the share of production that other working people recieve. When did we as a society decide that corporate profitability was a greater good than the right of every person to employment to sustain themselves? When did working people suddenly have much less value as a person than a wealthy person merely based on the wealthy persons ability to manipulate the system in their favor denying the working person their rights to life sustaining employment?

There is no such thing as a Free Market. That whole concept is an elaborate placing of lip stick on the pig of economic superiority that should be as odious as any form of descrimination and pretending that the grossly unjust, dysfunctional, and sick decisions our nations leaders have intentionally made are not conscious decisions but are the workings and laws of economics that are above and beyond any personal beliefs and choices.

Bunk, this is the selfish, greedy, destructive, and unjust workings of a few people who have usurped and or high jacked the decision making mechanisms of this once great country and placed this power in their grubby, greedy, little fingers for nothing more noble than self enrichment. Income inequality should rank right up there with the worst forms of descrimination because it denies the right to life to millions of people and we have no reason to find this acceptable. God did not make some men with crowns upon their heads and others meaning most of us with saddles upon our backs so it is time to over throw the Corporate Oligarchy they are ruling illegitimately.

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