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Letter to Frankie Grande from family about grandpa posted to Twitter

Letter to Frankie Grande from family about grandpa posted to Twitter
Letter to Frankie Grande from family about grandpa posted to Twitter
Photo courtesy CBS Big Brother 16 live feeds and used with permission

Frankie Grande was called into the diary room yesterday, July 23 and told by “Big Brother 16” production that his grandfather Frank Grande had passed away. Frankie was given a letter from his family which he read over the live feeds and “Big Brother After Dark” last night.

The letter from Frankie’s family to let him know that his Grandpa Frank had died from cancer stated that his last wish was that Frankie remain in the “Big Brother” house and go as far in the game as he could. The family let Frankie know that Grandpa had been watching, live feeds and all, even though he did not completely understand the game.

The letter provided Frankie with comfort from home. He was alone in the Head of Household room and the “Big Brother 16” houseguests, though they had seen the letter, did not hear the rest of Frankie’s eulogy to Grandpa Frank. Breaking down and crying, Frankie talked about how hard his grandfather had worked throughout his entire life. He told viewers that his Frank Grande had battled both stomach and colon cancer previously. The reoccurrence of stomach cancer was his third battle.

The Grande family send love and support and hugs, reminding Frankie to take deep breaths and smile because that’s what Frank Grande would have wanted, he said so himself. The family reminded him that Grandpa Frank deserved to be celebrated and they would wait until the end of September to hold a service celebrating his life.

They ended the letter by telling Frankie they wished they wished they could hug him. The post script to the letter said that they had fought for 40 minutes over whether they should say they wanted to hug him. They felt that would tempt him to come home. Ultimately, Frankie decided to remain in the “Big Brother 16” house and play on in his grandfather’s honor, explaining that he would use his winnings to help build schools in underdeveloped countries. These schools will bear his grandfather’s name.