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Letter of the week: Letter F activities

F is for funny fish
F is for funny fish

Last time, we enjoyed dancing with the letter D activities. This week, we're having fun with the letter F.

Flower Fairy Wands made using Foam
Michelle Melnik

Words that begin with the letter F are:  Fun, friends, food, fruit, fish, feelings, funny, flamingo, frog, and flower.


- Fresh or frozen fruit
- French toast, french bread, or french fries
- Fish

Arts & Crafts:

- Print or draw a lower case letter "f".  Have the children paint or color the "F", then add eyes, a mouth, and some fins for F is for Fish.  See our slideshow for an example of our fish.  You could also turn the letter "f" into a flower.

- Make a fairy wand using some foam or felt and craft sticks.

- Make a collage by gluing different colored feathers on a piece of cardstock.  Talk about the different colors, and how soft the feathers feel.

Math & Science:

- Create a fish tank, as inspired by the book One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, like this one at Green Olives & Ham.

- Turn your water table into a fish tank or the ocean using bath fish.  Talk about the fish and their different colors and sizes.

- Make some frogs out of felt or foam.  Have the children practice counting the frogs or putting them in order by size.

Pretend Play:

- Setup your dramatic play area as a farm.  Make a barn using a cardboard box and include plenty of play farm animals.  Take a field trip to a local farm like the Allendale Farm in Brookline.

Music & Movement:

- These flutes are a great way for the children to make music.

- Sing some of these Letter F songs at Everything Preschool.

Field Trips:

- Visit a local fire department or farm.

Story Time:

- Have fun with felt during your story times.

- Read the book Baby Happy Baby Sad by Leslie Patricelli and talk about feelings.

- The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle

- Fish is Fish by Leo Lionni

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