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Letter of the week: Letter D activities

D is for Daisy
D is for Daisy
Michelle Melnik

Last time, we enjoyed the letter A activities.  This week, we're dancing to the letter D.

Words that begin with the letter D are:  Dance, dog, duck, Dad, dimple, dinosaur, dishes, dump truck, and dinner.


- Donuts:  Try making your own donuts using these recipes.  You can use a donut pan and bake them rather than fry them.
- Danish
- Dates
- Dairy

Arts & Crafts:

- Check out D is for Daisy over at Green Olives & Ham.
- No Time For Flashcards has great letter of the week crafts including D is for Duck.
- Use a disc or other circular object and some foam or felt to make the face of a dog, duck, or dinosaur.
- Print out some dinosaur coloring pages.
- Let the children make art using the Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set.

Math & Science:

- Use a dishpan to setup a sensory table.  Fill the dishpan with paper and include photos of letter D items like a door, dishes, dog, and dinosaur.  You could also fill the dishpan with sand and include some shovels, a digger or dump truck, and other sand toys for digging in the sand.
- Give each child some dice.  Ask them to roll the dice and count the dots.  Talk about whose dice has the largest and smallest number of dots.
- Create some diamond shapes and other shapes using paper or foam.  Hide them in different spots around the room and ask the children to go on a scavenger hunt in search of the diamond shapes.
- Using the diamond shapes from above in different sizes, have the children put them in order from smallest to largest or largest to smallest. 

Pretend Play:

- Turn your dramatic play area into a Doctor's or Dentist's office. Have some scrubs available for the children to dress up in.  Include a stethoscope and other "medical equipment", clipboard, stuffed animals and dolls as patients.  If you have enough space, setup a waiting room with chairs and books.
- Turn your dramatic play area into a diner. Setup a small table and some chairs.  Include a menu, bread basket, pitcher for water, play food, a chalkboard with the specials listed, cash register, a host (ess) desk and server station.

Music & Movement:

- Take out the toy drums so the children can play and dance.
- While the children are playing drums, sing some of these letter D songs.
- Play musical diamonds with the diamond shapes from the Math & Science activities. Write some simple instructions on the diamond shape like jump, dance, sing a song, etc.  Place the diamonds in a circle.  Play music, as the children walk around the circle.  When the music stops, the children are asked to do what is written on the diamond.

Field Trips:

- Attend a dance program with your children.  The Itsy Bitsy Music center in Amesbury has dance and music classes for babies, toddlers, and their caregivers.
- Visit a local diner.  Boston has some retro diners including Zoe's Kitchen in Cambridge and Johnny's Luncheonette with locations in Newton and Cambridge.


- Daddy is a Doodlebug by Bruce Degen
- Dr. Duck by H.M. Ehrlich
- Dance!:  Dora's Popup Dancing Adventure by Emily Sollinger and Dave Aikins
- How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You by Jane Yolen

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