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Let your pet pick your friends

Beautiful Midnight
Beautiful Midnight
Photo by Sandra Eastman

Do you talk to your pet?

It’s the age old question and all pet owners do it. Strangely enough, all pets seem to understand exactly what is said to them in 90% of the cases. Of course, tone of voice justifies much of this behavior, but dogs especially seem to understand certain words in so much as they cannot be spoken but must be “spelled” unless the deed is going to be done. Those words would be: cookie, walk, car, bed, eat, and of course, potty or outside.

Do they really understand?

If you believe they are not capable of understanding then why do they run to the treat box when the word “cookie” is uttered or why do they jump up and down when “walk” is the chosen word? The one most often used is “potty” or “outside or side”. This gets an immediate run for the door.

How perceptive is your pet?

Animals have an incredible built in radar for grief, fear, anger and love.

They dry your tears, hide when they sense anger or fear, and lick your face to express their love. Even the most misbehaved animal can usually be brought around with a simple caress or petting. They seem to sense those humans who are kind and those that are not.

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

This is one colloquial phrase that is anything but true for an animal. They have a sixth sense for good and evil and react negatively to any enemy they sense will hurt them or you. Dogs have been known to growl at visitors from the aura they give off and respond with favor to strangers that kneel down to greet them.

Using your animal as a guide to your choice of friends and acquaintances is often a wise decision. Trust your pet as they are an excellent judge of character.

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