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Let Your Dull Wall Be Personalized and Artistic

Wall Decor
Wall Decor
Photo by Jens Schlueter/Getty Images

House walls occupy most of the visual space. Do you feel tedious of staring at the blank wall? If the answer is yes, it is time to dress up your walls. Apart from the paint, wallpaper, and shelf, you also can take more personalizeddecorations to create your own personalized walls. Just get your imagination started. Here are some ideas for you to get inspiration.

1. Hand paint your wall
a. Maybe you can use graffiti painting technique to paint your wall, which will be really creative and personalized. Thesizeof the wallshould not be too narrow. The large area of the graffitipainting will produce a strongvisualeffect and attract most attention. Apart from that, it will also express the rich and colorful life stories.
b. You also can take advantage of sketching technique to draw picture on the wall. You can sketch a big picture of your family portrait on the wall. It will give a kind of retro style. Whenhanging it on the middle of wall, it is very consistent withthe spacesymmetryand balance.
c. Paint colorful,bold andavant-gardepainting, like colorful flowers on white walls will create gorgeous bloom seasons.
d. Hang an artistic painting on a hallway wall to make your dull wall colorful and lively. Thus, your friends’ first impression on your wall will be very impressive.

2. Fashion creative decoration

Apart from the common picture, painting and some reachable small items can be decorations; you also can try to jump the traditional frame to simply using a blackboard or a wall clock to create unique artistic feeling. You can use this kind decoration on small wall to make the space warmer.

3. Hang poster or create photo wall
a. You can break the traditional photo wall décor to use exaggerated personality background and your personal picture to make the photo wall. The free combination will add more fun and passion to young people’s home.

b. If you want to decorate a small wall, you can try simple photo wall idea. You can stick your favorite travel photos and postcards on picture frames and then casually combine the picture frames on wall.

c. Apart from the common photowall decoration, we also can take advantage of the personalized photo wall to create personalized bathroom space. The colorful pictures will board different space to make happiness every where.

Hope the upper ideas can give you some inspiration to make your wall more personalized and artistic. For more ideas to decorate your home here is a site: On its article and blog pages, you can find many useful and informative ideas of home decorating.

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