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Let your dog out

How long should you wait before you let your dog out to do his/her business? Many things can be factored into this; such as water and food consumption, exercise and play, size of the dog, and excitability.

Naturally, bigger dogs can hold it a little longer than small sized dogs. Like with all biological creatures, we all have our limits.

Sometimes are pets will let us know when they have to relieve themselves and sometimes we, as pet owners, have to just open the door for them. Pet owners should have at least a morning and evening "let out" schedule for your dogs, but some dogs need to be let out a little more frequently.

No animal should be forced to hold it longer than the average pet owner can. It seems though, from doing some simple Internet searches, that this is a big question for some people. Several have even asked if a dog can hold it for 24 hours.

Animals that hold their urine can develop Urinary Tract Infections.  This will cause the animal to have more discomfort and not be able to hold it any longer than you had originally may have wanted. This will also result in a vet visit to treat the problem.

So let your dog out.


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