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Let them eat Kale

I got mine so let the peasants eat Kale
I got mine so let the peasants eat Kale
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Just prior to the French revolution Madam Deficit (Marie Antoinette) when informed of the high cost of bread, was erroneously reported to have replied “Let them eat cake”. The citizens had no reason to doubt the statement from their out of touch rulers. Our own Madam Deficit (Michelle Obama) appeared on a formally popular live comedy show and made the supporting cast eat Kale. This might have been considered funny to those not struggling with the high cost of food staples during the Obama recovery.

Meanwhile her husband and our commander in chief during a much needed break from fundraising, golf and vacations tells us “It’s pretty hard to find an economic measure where we’re not significantly better off”. (CNBC interview 5:17) It is also pretty hard to get a true picture of the state of the nation when all your time is spend rubbing elbows with rich donors who have benefited from policies enacted by your administration. That is unless the “we’re” he is referring to is the Obama family.

It is a fact of life that in any economy some do well and others suffer. During this never ending recession the Obama’s net worth has climbed 438% since 2007. They are not the only ones to profit during hard times. The poor broke Clinton’s are now worth an estimated $100 to $200 million. Chuck Schumer is worth less than one million but has allowed taxpayers to tote him back and forth to Washington and around New York on a private jet.

So how are the citizens doing under the reign of the Democrats? According to economic measures by Obama’s BLS or Bureau of Labor Statistics the Consumer price index says prices only rose .01% in June. That sounds good until you realize that is without food or energy, and all percents are cumulative. In other words that .01% is on top of May’s 0.4%, April’s 0.3% and so on. When you add food and fuel the number jumps up to 0.3% in just one month. The number for the whole year June to June is 2.1% (CPI)

Those that live in the real world and shop themselves know these numbers are just one more lie from this administration. Last year’s $200 shopping cart just isn’t the same as this year. Besides the increases you do notice like eggs + 33.9%, pork + 33%, turkey +20.4% and beef +6% there is the increases you might not notice. The packaged food you buy has been shrinking. Hellmans mayonnaise lost two ounces, Tropicana lost six ounces, sugar is sold as four pounds rather than five, and Ritz crackers lost 15% of its weight.

The reasons are as varied as the selection in the cookie isle. Blame it on the western drought, pork virus, orange green disease, but mostly the direct result of quantitative easing or printing money. This excessive printing of magic dollars helps the stock market and Democratic donors but hurts the middle class. Our dollars won’t go as far and will not buy as much. Combine this with increase in healthcare, taxes, fuel and stagnant wages and it spells disaster for the middle class.

But don’t worry since it doesn’t affect the Obama’s as soon as he reads it in the paper he can use his pen the finance some new government program to study the problem and recommend new taxes to level the playing field. In the mean time we can just subsist on Kale. The only problem is even Kale the cousin to wild cabbage has increased 25% since 2011 along with everything else.

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