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Let The Whole World See

Let The World See
Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Commentary from Exodus 27:20 – 28:12

The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”

This weeks reading is “Tetzaveh,” “You shall command.”

Today we begin reading GOD’s commandments of Oil for the Menorah.

HE has told Moses/Moshe to command the Israelites to bring clear illuminating oil, made from hand crushed olives, to keep the lamp constantly burning from evening to morning in GOD’s presence, in the communion tent, outside the Holy or Holies.

That this is to be a rule for all time, that this oil come from the Israelites.

HE then instructs Moshe to separate Aaron and his sons from among the Israelites. Bring them close so that Aaron and his sons can become priest to GOD.

HE instructs sacred clothing, both dignified and beautiful be made for Aaron.

These vestments are to be made by naturally talented tailors whom GOD will give wisdom to the making of these garments.

These vestments will be used to consecrate him to make him a priest to GOD.

These vestments will also have a breastplate, and ephod (a linen apron), a robe, a knitted tunic, a turban and a sash.

HE instructs these vestments to be made in a very specific manner with very specific fabrics and threads.

HE also instructs two sardonyx stones, set in gold, to be engraved with the names of Israel’s son’s according to the order of their birth, six on one and six on the other to be placed upon the shoulder pieces of the ephod.

Here we have the Menorah being lit, continually in the presence of GOD from evening to morning, in HIS holy tabernacle.

We can see the light of the Menorah being illuminated by pure oil, much the same way we are to be illuminated by the pure spirit of GOD and HIS Word which is to shine through us at all times.

We also have this “first look” at the vestments/garments of the first high priest to GOD, Aaron.

It’s amazing that all of the beauty of the Tabernacle could only be seen from the inside, yet the high priest was to be seen among the people, dressed to be seen as separate, recognizable from any distance, as the priest of GOD.

Aaron can easily be seen as a reflection of the beauty within the tabernacle, a reminder of what we take for granted, the beauty of GOD within us.

How much importance do we give to our outward appearance?

Do we not take time to make ourselves presentable before we are seen by others?

Consider the amount of time and attention we spend on our outward appearance.

Does it equal or is it diminished by the amount of time and attention we give to our inward appearance?

Who are we really? Are we all “confident” in “who we are in Yeshua,” no longer paying attention to our true inner man, our spiritual condition?

Which is more important, how we “look” or how we shine?

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

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