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Let the Waiters Sing!

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Corporate events, love them or hate them, they are at least becoming more original nowadays. Organisers and guests alike have tired of traditional, quiet and (sometimes) boring affairs involving polite conversation and meaningless discussion. Those attending an event today demand a top quality experience. You may find yourself surrounded by animated candles, girls encapsulated in giant wine glasses or...singing waiters. Really?

The idea seems odd to say the least, until you realise that these ‘singing waiters’ are well known vocalists, many of whom regularly appear in the top West End shows. Like most people, I enjoy shows, musicals and popular music of one sort or another. So, imagine my surprise when, whilst attending a seemingly ordinary company event, a waiter suddenly grabbed a microphone, started singing and later turned out to be a well known musical personality.

Originality v quality

Those who have to organise corporate events are always up against it; finding something original is never easy, especially when originality has to incorporate quality. Given the costs of hiring top quality acts, the novelty approach can sometimes seem more attractive. Of course, high-class magicians and other illusionists can be very entertaining but ultimately, novelty only has superficial value and one can soon tire of it. After a while, one illusionist can look very much like another.

The necessity to cater for all tastes can also present significant challenges to event organisers. Trying to find something that will be universally acceptable and enjoyable is not easy. Comedians are a case in point. Humour is a very personal thing. What amuses one person may offend another. Some like subtlety, others like humour that is straight in your face. The world of comedy, it would seem, is full of problems.

A little shock therapy is helpful

Singing waiters on the other hand provide not only quality entertainment but also a healthy dose of shock therapy. Whole groups of them may appear unexpectedly, blending together to provide top quality entertainment when least expected. It’s even possible to have a whole mini-show based around your company theme. They are also guaranteed to go down well with just about everyone.

Well known groups and boy bands, international solo artists and others are all into it. It’s huge fun and highly rewarding for all concerned. These ‘incognito’ singers can also take the part of guests; the person to whom you’ve been speaking all night may suddenly starts singing – and singing well! Just pray that you haven’t spent the whole evening extolling your own singing capabilities.

Never to be forgotten

The real point is that singing waiters provide an experience never to be forgotten, which is after all, the main point of a corporate event. The corporate giveaways that end up in the draw, the photographs with the chairman, these are all things, which sooner or later, will be forgotten. Corporate event organisers need something that is unique and that will stay in the memory forever.

For me, the anonymous waiter who turns out to be a star in disguise is something never to be forgotten and always to be shared with others. Wonder who I’ll be sitting next to next time? A Pavarotti sound-alike perhaps?