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Let the Play Begin: Why Adults Need to Play More Often

If you are upset, angry or frustrated with anything, you cannot laugh about it. So the first way to get more laughter in your life is to start to let go. And the quickest way to letting go of anything is to be playful because play changes your energy towards the things that annoy you.

Letting go with laughter involves stepping back and watching an event rather than getting caught up in it. And that is exactly what playing with your upsets does. It allows you to step back and see what is happening without getting entangled in them. And it does so in a fun and lighthearted way.

When you were a child, chances are you had things you really enjoyed doing. Things you loved to play with. If you were a girl, perhaps it was dressing up your paper-dolls or dressing yourself up. If you were a boy, perhaps it was participating in a baseball game or trading sports cards.

One of my favorite things I did when I was very young was to make believe that I was a deliveryman. I’d ride my over-sized metal moving van up and down the long hallway in our apartment. I’d load the truck up with my toys on one end of the hallway and deliver them down the hall at the other end. Then I would repeat the process for many hours.

All of us have favorite things we did as a child. As an adult, you probably can no longer do some of those things, like riding a toy truck up and down the hallway at work. But others, like perhaps dressing up from time to time, you might be able to get back into your life again.

“When we get grown up,” says Liz of Aspire Leadership, “it’s easy to forget what fun we had and how we learned new things and came up with new ideas when we were kids.”

Become a kid again today. It will not only put more fun in your life but also help you deal with a seemingly hostile world in a more creative way.

Make a note of all the things you enjoyed doing as a child. What games did you like? What toys did you like? What brought a smile to your lips or a laugh to your face?

Can you add a few of those things to your life again and begin to play a little more today?

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