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Let the Democrats own it, Boehner...

With the scare of the fiscal cliff looming over the country’s economy, it’s time for Republicans to do the very thing that congressional Democrats fear the most…hand them complete responsibility for the economy’s performance for the next two years.

This is very hard for congressional Republicans to do, but it is precisely what is required for Americans to see how voting for the “Late Night Talk Show” president over the fiscally-responsible alternative is going to affect their daily lives and pocket books over the next two to four years.

As a Tea Party Republican, I fully understand how the Democrat plan to raise taxes on individuals, corporations and small businesses making over $250K per year (equivalent to less than $23K per month) is going to have a huge impact on our minimum and lower wage earners who rely on these entities for their employment. Here in the harbor region of Los Angeles County, I have talked with local small business owning friends who are reducing staff in food service, maintenance and other wage jobs, and pushing out improvement projects for their homes or businesses for two or more years to make do with what they have until Washington (and Sacramento) “figures it out”.

Democrats believe that taking additional revenue from these Americans to fuel their inefficient, pork-laden agencies and programs will somehow spur economic growth among our country’s small businesses and individuals. If this economic theory were true, Russia, Cuba and Greece would all be thriving economies, and Germany, China and the United States would be begging them for loans. We will not dive into the roots of the Democratic Party’s economic theories, since we all know from where they stem, but we can rightfully summarize that they are not congruent with the principles of capitalism and free markets which made the United States the strongest economy in the world faster than any other country or empire in the history of mankind.

Because the elections for Congress take place every two years, Republicans should use this opportunity to begin their referendums and platforms for the 2014 campaigns, which for many will start by mid-2013. Meanwhile, if President Obama and his marionette side-kick, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, believe that their proposed plan will pass in the House, the deal that should be made is this:

- The House will put up their proposed bill (it’s only a “proposed bill” because the Constitution only recognizes bills that originate in the House) if, at the same time, the Senate puts up the House-passed bill (bet you didn’t know that the House had already passed a bill to avoid the fiscal cliff).

- Both sides get full opportunity to sell their bills to their counterparts, and the President must commit to sign whichever bill passes both and makes it to his desk.

- If both bills make it, he can sign the one he wishes. But then HE WILL OWN THE RESULTS…

The primary elective and legislative tool of Democratic power in Washington, and at all levels of government in our country, is the perceived ability to blame Republicans, corporations, rich people, the economy, practicing Catholics and even Mother Nature for any and all of their failed policies not working. We see the misdirected blame everywhere, and it’s time for Republicans to again let Americans see how bad the policies of the Democratic Party truly are.

Because it’s NEVER due to repeated failed policies that have plummeted this country’s economy – housing loans for those who everyone knew could never make payments, rabid government spending by both Democrats and “moderate” Republicans, unsustainable defined-benefit public pensions negotiated by crooked politicians in exchange for election votes, and the economy-killing requirements of ObamaCare. None of these have ANYTHING to do the situation we are facing! Right?

The best thing Republicans can do is remove the veil of protection that they have provided Democrats by trying to reach negotiations that put Republicans in a position to have the few concessions they get become what Democrats later blame for the lack of significant recovery and our likely dip back into recession that the President is committed to producing. (Everyone who has seen the movie Obama:2016 knows exactly what I’m talking about!)

Tea Party Republicans generally agree that many Republicans elected to Congress between 2000 and 2006 forgot why the results of 1994’s Contract with America happened, and began acting more like Democrats than true Republicans, ushering in the justified results of 2006 when Americans chose genuine Democrats over many RINO-Republicans, acting like Democrats when it came to pork projects and spending. By 2009, when Americans saw what then-Speaker Pelosi and newly-anointed President Obama laid out for the country, the Tea Party movement was born to give true Republicans upset with the GOP establishment’s failure the opportunity to be heard. The results in 2010 gave legislative Republicans a second chance to act like true Republicans again; but it also gave the Democrats an opportunity to add them to the list of those to blame. It’s time for the Democrats to finally own the results their policies have been driving since 2007!

Regardless of the 40-50 Tea Party connected Republicans, Speaker Boehner should stop passively blaming his inability to pass his “Plan B” bill on these committed Republicans and put it up for a vote if he feels it better than what was already passed. If the Speaker’s new plan had merit, finding 20 or more conservative Democrats to get the needed 218 votes should not be tough. And if it fails, the Speaker would still have had the satisfaction of knowing that it was more about Democrats holding firm to taxing small businesses making between $250K and $1M per year, or less than $85K per month, than Republicans who understood that the last thing our nation’s job producers need at any level is additional taxes, regardless of what part of government will not be fueled as a result.

The biggest problem for the Republicans is that they have failed to talk to the American people in bold, simple statements about the effects of the President’s proposed plan. Where is the $500K-per-year small business owner who will lay off their cleaning service? Where is the family of four in downtown New York City that includes a young nanny using her income from them to go to college? How many states and local municipalities will no longer be able to fund local improvement projects because voters will no longer approve temporary local tax hikes and fees once they calculate their increased federal tax bill?

It’s time for the Democrats to own the effects that their failed economic theories are producing. Only then, when the ownership of the results are squarely on the “2012 election winners”, will Americans truly be ready to have the discussion about limited government, capitalism and the free market system that have driven patriotic Americans since their secession from England over 200 years ago.


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