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Let the Cat Lovers Get Justice

Seven cats, including 2 kittens were horribly abused and killed by CT man
Seven cats, including 2 kittens were horribly abused and killed by CT man
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

By now, I think most cat lovers have heard about the case of the Connecticut man accused of killing his fiance's family's seven cats (Spooky, Smoky, Moochie, Cookie, Mocha, Sharbae and Aladin). And this sick and twisted individual didn't just kill the cats. Over the course of several months, he maimed and tortured them. When several cats were brought to a veterinarian, one already dead, a red flag was raised.

The cats were all rescues, as the fiance's mother had rescued cats for over a decade...only to die a horrible death at the hands of this most hideous of beasts that I cannot, in my right mind, call a human being. The parents of his fiance kindly allowed Timothy Olschafskie to stay in their home in Windsor Locks, CT, only to have them show his "thanks" by methodically torturing and killing their beloved cats.

"He was the boyfriend of the daughter who lived at home with her parents. They wanted to help him out, took him in and in pretty short order, cats started dying," said Detective Sgt. Paul Cherniack.

The details of what was done to the cats is beyond horrifying. Olschafskie was charged with seven counts of animal cruelty. Two kittens, also victims of this creature's horrid tirade, are buried in the back yard of the home. It was not until other cats started to die that the family was alerted to something amiss in their home. And, when the cats were brought to a veterinarian, the obvious signs of abuse were noted and investigations began.

As for this man's punishment, I say let the cat lovers have him. Let him suffer the same torture and death he put the cats through. Better yet, make him useful and send him off to a research lab to save the lives of the innocent animals there by letting himself be their "guinea pigs" (excuse the reference).

Whatever happens, the family of the cats has suffered terribly and I am sure they will be very reluctant to help anyone again, which is a shame, but understandable. The future mother-in-law stated she had caught him being rough with the kittens a couple of times. Many of the cats were killed by being thrown into walls and around rooms.

Olschafskie is set to be arraigned at Enfield Superior Court on Thursday.

This is not the first time this sicko has been behind bars. Cat lovers everywhere hope for the most extreme justice in this case. The cats deserved so much better!!

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