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Let's try Ask and Tell as a hashtag: Find another way to Find Relisha Part I

#AskandTell little Relisha Rudd is still missing
#AskandTell little Relisha Rudd is still missing
provided by family for search

Don't give up hope. Let's try the hashtag #AskandTell to try and find #RelishaRudd.

Relisha Rudd has been missing for quite a while now, this now 9 year old little girl caught up in some circumstance that is ultimately unexplained to date.

Due in part to how this case has happened, there is a significant lack of data on just which categories she falls in for any subject, and so how the public can respond is limited only to the imagination.

Statistics show abducted children are typically dead within 3 hours, if there is a death. Abductions DEATHS ARE RARE. There is a very real possibility she is dead.

Story upon story of children surfacing as adults.... under unusual if not concerning and inexplicable circumstances surely could propel the public to continue to look.

Mostly the public doesn't actually discover the missing person. Instead, shared fragmented TIPS piece together enough picture for groups like the : top "finder" this week or so...... Department of Homeland Security, or

This subsidiary of DHS above is ICE, Immigration and Customs

Or Federal Bureau of Investigation who has posted $25,000 reward for finding the missing #RelishaRudd, via CARD team Child Abductions Rapid Deployment has a weekly podcast of educational and updated case informations.

AmberAlert is for the community and is privately invented, used by government but has limitations of application, determined by local law enforcement. These limitations are increasingly apparent in this case with #RelishaRudd. But Marc Klaas has kindly reminded the public that systems like #AmberAlert and actually the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have flaws from inception that limit who can use system, and both the immediate and expansive growth options for anyone to notify or find a child.

Advocating for change and improvements, Mr. Klaas' page Klaas Kids, honoring his lost daughter, Polly and alerting people worldwide of the ongoing Murphy's Law's_law that seems to set in on missing child cases. Mr. Klaas has the information, skills and abilities to correct these problems, he has been involved and victimized and is an excellent resource for restructuring these damaged entities which underserve the lost person, parents and the community.

The short version of this case with #RelishaRudd is the possibility she has been the victim of human trafficking. ( sold for child sex, childporn or any version of enslavement). WHO would be the most likely to see her are people who are in service jobs which would NOT be limited to are: housekeepers, cooks, maintenance and custodial, lawn service, delivery, drive thru..... these people, in close service roles might have glimpsed her prior or recently.

Even in this modern world, many many people do not watch television, use the internet or even own any advanced phone services. THOSE people may be the most likely to have seen #RelishaRudd and have no idea she is sought, worldwide.

Consider that children missing in the company of a known person ( at least initially) have as much as 64% chance of being discovered alive, as she left in the company of a known person, and may still be in the company of a known person.

Let's try #AskandTell as a hashtag, along with any of the prior hashtags for missing children nationwide or worldwide to see what happens.

#AskandTell is an effort to get the public to do three things.

1.) post #RelishaRudd photo ( or whomever is missing you seek) on your vehicle, include a phone number of where to call if people HAVE seen her. Summer travel is started this weekend, and your car moving about or others vacationing travelling may pass your property or car and see the sign whereas inside a business, or stuck to a pole they may not.

2.) If you happen to speak another language, RT announcements in your native tongue. OR use to create brief info spots in other languages on Twitter or other social media. This writer has canvassed like that about 3 times, with top posting and RT hitting on the following languages: French, Spanish, English, Afrikaans, Macedonian, Korean, Thai, Filipino, Swiss, Indonesian, Kannada and Lao as evidenced by top posts noted during this writer's waking hours. It is unclear what has driven those RT or searches where those words caught and clicked.

THIS trick has actually rolled her case world wide, top posting under any of the hashtags generated for Relisha Rudd. They are #Relisha, #RelishaRudd, #FindRelisha, #ForRelisha, #AskandTell and she qualifies for #BringBackOurGirls so far.

3.) These are not statistics culled for a single report, but possibly a spectrum of understanding in the absence of educational information coming forward in this case of #RelishaRudd

a.) FYI NON-FAMILY who take children.

aa.) FAMILY percentages who take children

b.) FYI who is taken

bb.) Missing children by race

c.) INCIDENTS of child abduction NOT reported

d.) Reasons children were missing

4.) Send out a direct contact to all your email addresses and your personal phone book to alert people to the fact Relisha Rudd is still missing and deserves a moment of their time. Most people have contacts worldwide, send this message out , it will re-enter the community in different ways.

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