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Let's talk about sex (and happiness)

Having great sex?
Having great sex?

A healthy, passionate, active sex life is a wonderful thing. It can make a great relationship closer and more intimate, fulfilling, and fun.

Unfortunately, statistics show that the issue of sex can cause big problem in many relationships.

For married couples, sex can commonly become infrequent or even non-existent – especially once children come along.

Then, for unmarried people, there’s a whole different set of challenges and issues. It’s all too common for two people to meet, be attracted to each other, and really be “right” for each other, but then not advance to higher levels of their relationship (truly connect), “simply” because of sexual issues.

So, yes, sex is an important part of life for many people.

It can enhance life (and happiness) in many ways - and can even hinder overall happiness for some – affecting mood, self-esteem, and even mental health.

The fact is, sex and happiness can be linked.

According to one study of sex and happiness, people who had sex at least two or three times a month were 33 percent more likely to have a higher level of happiness than those who didn't have sex at all during the previous 12 months. In addition, the likelihood of reporting a high level of general life happiness increased to 44 percent for those who had sex once a week when compared to those who weren't having sex at all. Finally, general happiness jumped to 55 percent among those people who had sex two or three times a week.

Yes, a fun, fulfilling, intimate, passionate sex life can add to happiness - and as you'll find out in a minute, being happy can actually enhance our sex lives.

On the other hand, a bad sex life can destroy a relationship and cause significant unhappiness, poor self-esteem and even depression.

So, do you have a great sex life? Is it fun, fulfilling and passionate? If so, click here to share your "secrets" with others.

Because the truth is, many people are not totally happy with their sex life.

Some interesting facts about sex

  • Women's top turn-on was "feelings of love" for their partner, followed by "when your partner takes initiative." Men's top turn-on was "seeing their partner in sexy clothes," followed by "feelings of love."
  • Most women are unable to climax through vaginal intercourse, instead needing clitoral stimulation.
  • Approximately 5 percent of 40-year-old men and between 15 to 25 percent of 65-year-old men experience erectile dysfunction.
  • The most popular desire on mens' "sex wish list" was that their partner would initiate sex more often (42 percent). More oral sex was next (41 percent), followed by anal sex (30 percent).
  • What do women want more of in bed? Foreplay (35 percent), to hear more loving things (32 percent), for their husband to last longer (28 percent) and oral sex (22 percent), according to the survey.

Basic Considerations for Improving Your Sex Life

While sex is obviously an important “life topic”, it is also a very complex topic, involving many physical, psychological and emotional issues. It is much too important and complex to do the subject justice in this brief article.

So, here are three of the key components to a better sex life:

  • Keep fit: Being healthy and fit leads to better sex. Not only are fit people able to perform better sexually, but studies show that healthy, fit people have a greater desire for sex. There are many reasons for this – including the fact that healthy, fit people are happier (see below) – but there are also physiological reasons, such as the production of more sex hormones and other factors.
  • Reduce or Manage Stress Levels: Life is obviously stressful these days, and our response to all the stress can wreak havoc on our sex lives. Not only does too much stress - or poor stress management – reduce the desire for sex, but it also inhibits sexual performance. Plus, there’s the fact that with busy, stressful lives, there just isn’t always time for sex (or we’re just too tired at the end of a tough, stressful day to “get up” for it).
  • Be Happy: Being happy and optimistic is the foundation of many aspects of life "success". Research proves that happy people are healthier, make more money, live longer, and have better relationships, including better, more frequent sex. So, in addition to the above suggestions, use the resources here at to create a happier, more fulfilled life and you will enjoy a better sex life, too.

So, are you having too little sex in your life?

Are you having too much sex (perhaps to please your lover, for example)?

Is your sex life boring and unexciting, causing you to consider seeking it outside your relationship?

Are you already in an extramarital sexual relationship?

Is the difference in sex between men and women causing issues for you?

Do you want to be a better lover?

Well, if the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', first, get out there and exercise, reduce or manage your stress levels, and be happy! By doing these things, I can assure you that, if you’re married or in a committed, monogamous relationship, you’ll see a big improvement in your sex life - which could have some very positive effects on your marriage or relationship. And, if you’re not married or in a committed relationship, your chances for connecting with the perfect person - and building an awesome sexual part of your relationship - will increase exponentially.

Next, for additional insights on this important happiness topic, there are lots of great sources out there for improving your sex life, whether you’re in a serious one-on-one relationship or not.

First, you can check out "The Better Sex Store" at - which has many great products to improve your sex life - by clicking here. Check them out.

You can also read many of the related, more specific articles listed below to help improve your sex life, your relationship, and your overall happiness in life.

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