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Let's talk about Nigeria: Corrupt nation needs self-help

Like many places in the world, Nigeria is a former British Colony where the great power of the 19th century made rigorous effort to organize African tribes by imposing modern government. The purpose may have been noble, in part, however colonial Britain was surely about exploiting the vast resources from Africa. In the instance of America at the time, slave traders were only interested in exploiting cheap labor. Africans were the subject and target of exploitation. Why? There were these possible perceptions.

Goodluck Johnathan is the deficient President of Nigeria
  • Naive and easy target
  • Susceptible to domination
  • Resource rich geography
  • Strategic for global conquest

Some may hold similar views about Nigeria as large corporations have succeeded in conducting business there. The trouble is the outsiders, whether governments or corporations, impose their will to extract what they want at the expense of citizens who are lost in the equation. Others prosper at their expense. Government leaders in Nigeria are notorious for their corruption. As a result, they are just as bad as colonial powers and any other entity who is their to take more than they give.

Martin Luther King was a dreamer whose roots were African. Needed in Nigeria are Africans with dreams and visions for modern government of the people that is dedicated to protecting citizens and their inalienable rights. There are superbly qualified and credentialed Nigerians throughout the world who could intervene on behalf of their native Nigeria to address the challenge to end corruption and to bring about a superior brand of democracy. No nation on Earth has a corner on producing the best government, not America, not the EU, nor any other nation. Nigeria is a green field opportunity for Nigerians to charter a superior future, and in doing that, they are likely to discover many willing partners to accomplish that without corruption as a part of the process.

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